Stylish Casual Pants: 5 Characteristics You Need to Know

If you’re new to style, selecting a new wardrobe can be pretty confusing. There are casual pants. Dress pants. Matching shoes with your belt. Matching your belt with your watch. To tuck or not to tuck? How wide should your tie be? How many buttons should you button on that blazer?

Fortunately, not everything has to be so complicated. That’s the goal of casual pants, after all: you wear them casually, confident that you made the right stylistic choice simply by acquiring the right pants in the first place.But how do you know which pants are the right ones? We have five characteristics that will help you tell:

1. Get high-quality casual pants.

Naturally, “high quality” is in the eyes of the beholder, so what do we mean exactly? We mean zoom in on the fabric. You’re looking for hand-tailored quality made from the best fabrics. Even if you’re looking at a casual pair of khakis, for example, you should note that the 100% cotton fabric contained therein are of a higher quality when you zoom in. If not, take a look at the pants you already own. Which ones are better? Which ones worse? What do the tags say? Develop an eye for quality, even when it comes to your casual wardrobe.

2. Buy from a company that gives you a good experience.

If there’s a better sign of a good pair of pants than a good experience with the company you’re buying from, we don’t know it. Look for companies with a solid reputation that have a long history of providing great casual pants. This includes great customer service as well, so before you buy from someone—don’t be afraid to call them up and ask for some casual pant recommendations, just to see how you might expect customer service to be if you need to return an item.

3. Timeless style is another hallmark of truly stylish pants.

Have you ever seen old pictures of your parents where they were wearing clothes that look completely dated? We all have. But there are old pictures of grandparents where their style looks almost modern. Why? Because when your grandparents dressed up, they wore the timeless articles. A timeless pair of flat front khakis is a great place to start.

4. Trousers should only fit one way, and it’s like a glove.

That’s why we offer self-sizing if you need to get your pants specifically tailored to suit your needs. Pants shouldn’t fall down when you don’t wear a belt, but they shouldn’t be so tight that you can barely sit down in them, either. Find the right balance…and you’ll find your ideal casual pant.

5. An ideal pair of casual pants is stylish enough to be versatile.

An item like this polyester-wool combination can be worn at the office, worn with a simple buttoned shirt for casual get-togethers, and handle just about any errand you need to run.

May 06, 2016 by Berle Editor
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