Quality Men’s Pants: 3 Things to Look For When Shopping

You’ve been told it a million times: “only buy quality men’s trousers.” Your mom’s told you the same. Your grandfather’s repeated it over and over. Your dad tells you to wear a quality set of trousers to a job interview, and time and time again, online blogs tell you that you should opt for quality over quantity when it comes to your clothes.

There’s just one problem: you have no idea how to discern “good” trousers from “bad” trousers.

In your mind, there’s no problem with buying a $10 pair of pants from Generic Mart and having them look decent enough for a few months before they fall apart.

So what separates the good trousers from the bad—and how can you tell? Here are three details you’ll want to remember the next time you’re in the market for some quality men’s trousers.

Detail Number One: Belt Loops

When you buy a pair of pants, be honest: how often do you look at the belt loops to see how well-constructed they are? Believe it or not, this oft-overlooked detail is a telltale sign of quality men’s trousers—or lack thereof.

The belt loops should look sturdy, well-stitched, and most of all, straight. If a designer didn’t take the time to make the belt loops straight, then they’re not really going to take the time to worry about the other aspects of your pants that make them high-quality.  Check out the consistency of our to see what you should look for in the belt loops of quality men’s trousers.

Detail Number Two: Zipper Strength

You can’t really test zipper strength at the store without looking like a complete psychopath, but there is one quick way to eyeball the situation and make an immediate diagnosis as to the quality of the pants: whether or not the zipper is made from metal. A quality pant will tend to use metal zippers in their construction because they’re more durable. Sure, they cost more, but if the manufacturer follows the edict of “you get what you pay for,” chances are that they’re going to spring for the zipper strength that will keep your pants lasting longer.

Some people say that a button fly is an indication of a quality trouser, and we haven’t necessarily found this to be the case—but it’s certainly a good sign that your manufacturer is detail-oriented.

Detail Number Three: Fabric Texture

Just because a pant advertises itself as “cotton” or “wool” doesn’t necessarily mean that the fabric quality will be all that high. There are, after all, different types of cotton and wool weaves that have different effects on how the trousers feel. So the next time yo’ure at the store, don’t be afraid to test out the quality of the material by feeling it and getting a sense of the texture. Eventually you’ll learn what separates a tweed pant from an ordinary pair of denim jeans—and if you really get advanced, you’ll be able to tell the difference of quality between pants of the same type.


January 27, 2015 by Berle Editor
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