Three Distinct Advantages to Wearing Microfiber Trousers

We know, we know—when you read fashion advice online, you’re usually reading about color and fitting, only occasionally about fabrics. And when fabrics do come up, it’s usually only to talk about tweed or wool. In fact, the word “microfiber” hardly gets thrown around in sartorial circles, even if you seem to be paying attention.

So why might we come out of left field and tell you that microfiber trousers have a number of distinct advantages over the regular fibers?

First of all, because they do. And second of all, because microfiber trousers aren’t your father’s pair of trousers—they’re a little high-tech, a little more comfortable, a little more fashion-forward without looking avant-garde. In fact, your friends and family won’t even be able to tell you’re wearing microfiber.

So why buy them? We’ve three reasons to convince you why you need these pants.

Elasticity: Flexibility Even at the Office

Have you ever wondered why some people can look so fluid and natural even in flat front trousers like the kind you see here? Simple: not all pants are made alike. Sure, office pants may look alike, especially in the same color range, but the truth is that you’d have to take a very close examination of each type of fabric to understand what’s really going on. And we recommend that you actually don’t closely examine your colleagues’ pants.

In this case, we’re talking about enhanced elasticity. Thanks to the microfiber weaving, which gives the pants more of a stretchy, comfortable feel, you’ll be able to move around in these trousers much better than in, say, a pair of regular cotton trousers. If you bike to work, this is a must-have.

Sweat Resistant

No garment that we’re aware of is truly sweat-resistant to the point of wicking away sweat with 100% performance…but the clothing world is getting closer and closer. Microfibers tend to do a better job at resisting sweat stains and wicking away sweat thanks to their light build, which is another advantage in the “activewear” category. If you’ve ever wanted to transition from work to an impromptu game of football, or if you’ve ever dressed up in flat front pants at a barbecue and felt awkward playing a game of backyard volleyball, you know exactly how important sweat resistance can be in a quality pair of men’s trousers.


Finally, microfibers are indeed soft to the touch thanks to their construction—there’s less abrasion for your skin to detect, giving your clothes a comfortable, silky feeling. They’re soft enough to feel comfortable wearing around the house all day, which is great if you want to stop answering the door in your sweatpants and class the place up a little bit.

Are Microfibers Right For You?

In short, microfiber trousers can be comfortable, elastic, and sweat-resistant. That makes them ideal for both the active and inactive, as well as the style-conscious. In short, these pants are ideal for you—but only if you like soft, comfortable, flexible trousers. We thought you might.

February 24, 2015 by Berle Editor
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