Your Guide to Buying Wool Trousers

Winter is coming. It’s not just the tagline of a popular series Game of Thrones; it’s the truth. With Thanksgiving sneaking up fast and the temperatures dropping, you’re going to need to keep warm, as the weather gets chilly. That means more than just adding a hat and gloves—it means changing the way you dress.

Namely, it means thinking about buying wool trousers. Why wool trousers? We’ve discussed that exact question before, looking at what makes wool such a superior fabric for winter. But forget all that; it’s time for you to buy wool trousers, and that means separating one kind of wool trouser from the rest. We’ll help you do just that.


Wool Flannel

Wool flannel sounds like something your grandpa might wear in the winter—but for trousers, they’re not exactly what you might expect. Flannel can be subtle. Really, it can look like just about any other type of dressier trousers you were likely to wear in spring, autumn, or even summer.

The difference here: wool keeps you warm and dry.

Worsted Wool

Worsted wool has a vintage look and feel to it, thanks to its subtle check. Here at Berle, we have two different types of worsted wool: Touch Finish and Tropical.

What do these words mean exactly? You can see for yourself at the Worsted Wool sight, but only if you zoom in: you’ll find that the tropical version is a little “smoother” while the touch finish includes more prominent checks. You’d be surprised at how this can affect the overall look at the suit.

Polyester Wool

If you ask us, polyester gets a bad rap. For starters, it’s one of the most common fabrics out there simply because it works so well: it’s lightweight, it’s highly durable, and it’s weather-resistant. Combine it with wool and you have one of the most weather-ready fabrics you can possibly think of.

In the case of these polyester wool trousers, you’ll find that the addition of polyester helps add lightness and weather resistance to the wool without completely removing that characteristic wool warmth:

Which to choose? Flat front or pleated? Polyester wool or worsted wool? The decision, of course, is yours. But consider your priorities. Do you live in a warmer climate where you might benefit from a dash of the lightweight polyester? Or do you want something a little thicker and winter-ready, like wool flannel? Or do you like the characteristic checks of worsted wool? It all depends on your comfort and your sense of style—but as long as you’re wearing Berle’s wool trousers this winter, you can’t go wrong.

November 05, 2015 by Berle Editor
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