Affordable Tailored Trousers - A Custom Experience Without the Expense

affordable tailored trousers

There are few pleasures in life as confidence-boosting as a well-tailored pair of trousers. The problem? Not all of us can afford to go to a tailor to have all our pants fit like a glove. Is there a way to get a “tailored” experience without the expense of consistently seeing a tailor for new fittings? Absolutely! If you’re looking for a great pair of affordable tailored trousers, simply shop Berle’s collection of fine trousers online. You can select custom sizing with your order!

Tailored Trousers: Your First Step

Our Tailored Trousers can be customized to suit your needs. Why is that good news? Because usually when you secure a high-quality pair of trousers made from top-quality fabrics, you’re dealing with an expensive retailer that tries to upsell you on several other products and services. That’s not the case here. You can browse through our affordable Tailored Trousers, select your favorite styles, and enter in your precise fit.

Top Picks From Berle

Here are a few recommendations for high-quality tailored trousers from Berle:

Wool Flannel Flat Front trousers are made from lightweight wool heathered flannel, a 100% wool variant that’s surprisingly light and comfortable. Wool gives these pants the durability you’d need out of something that you can wear repeatedly with a large variety of suits, making it an ideal addition to your work wardrobe or even a pair of pants to match your next wedding suit.

Super 100’s Gabardine Pleated trousers are ideal for the workplace. The pleating helps them avoid billowing when standing and provides a good silhouette for sitting in the office or in the conference room.

    Of course, these are only two options. You have plenty more if you’d like to explore the rest of the Tailored Trousers at Berle.

    Understanding Your Measurements

    It’s all well and good to know which pants to pick up when you want custom-fit pair of trousers for less than the cost of visiting an actual tailor. But what about replicating the tailoring experience? How can you ensure that your pants fit the way you want them to?

    One good technique is to look at a pair of pants that already fit you well and measure them. The most important measurements here include:

    • Inseam: The length from the bottom of the crotch to the bottom hem of one leg of the pants. This is generally referred to as the overall “length” of your pants.
    • Rise: The length from the inseam to the top of the waist. High-rise pants tend to look “high-waisted,” and low-rise pants reveal more skin. You’ll want a rise that’s comfortable for belting around your waist.
    • Waist: Trouser waist is different from your actual waist—in this context, it refers to your belt length.

    More Fine Trousers From Berle

    We hope you find a great pair of affordable tailored trousers in our collection. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

    Explore the other collections here at Berle to find the right dress pants for you.

    June 12, 2018 by Berle Editor
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