Best Men's Casual Khaki Pants From Berle

A pair of khakis is a pair of khakis, right? Wrong. The truth about these ubiquitous trousers is that there are lots of variations—and if you want to secure a pair of casual khaki pants that you can rely on, you’ll want to know these differences. Here’s a quick guide to the best men’s casual khaki pants from Berle.

Flat Front or Pleated?

Browse over to our Casual Pants section and you’ll find yourself faced with an essential choice: do you want flat front pants or pleated khakis? At first glance, there might not seem to be much of a difference here. The pants largely look the same.

But look closer. You’ll notice the obvious pleating on the front of the pleated pants. This pleating is typically characteristic of a more formal pair of trousers. The pleating gives you an even silhouette when you sit down, which is important for looking your best in job interviews, formal events, and business meetings.      
Flat front khakis, on the other hand, are exactly what you think: flatter, simpler, more casual. That isn’t to say that they’re better. It’s simply a matter of preference. And since you’re looking for casual khakis right now, you’ll likely find a pair like our Cotton/Poly Dress Khaki Flat Front makes a great option, despite the name. It’s a more casual alternative to the pleated version while still giving you that “business casual” look you’re after.

Performance Matters

Since casual khakis pants are designed for everyday situations, it only makes sense that they include the kind of “everyday” quality that helps them handle the wear and tear that comes with routine use. In short, performance matters. It’s not just how the trousers look; it’s also about how well they hold up to daily issues like stains and regular washing.

How do you know if you’re getting a lot of performance out of your trousers? It can be hard to tell after the first wash or two. It’s the extended durability of a pair of casual pants that really counts.

But here’s a good example: our Performance Dress Khaki in Flat Front. The fabric is 100% cotton, but it’s fashioned into a wrinkle- and stain-resistant cotton twill that’s capable of handling the daily grind. That will give you more use for your dollar—and may just end up making your casual khakis your favorite pair of pants in the entire dresser.

Beyond Khakis – Dress Denim

Shop BerleIf you’ve already found the best men’s casual khaki pants, you might want to turn your attention to an alternative: Dress Denim. Think of it as a point between true dress pants and the casual appeal of denim. It’s a great way to veer off the beaten path of khaki pants and wear something different to the office or to that next social event. Dress denim is also 100% cotton, which means you can expect the same comfort and reliability as you do with any of the casual khaki options here at Berle.

For the very best men’s casual khaki pants—and nearly everything else you need in your wardrobe—browse the complete collection of men’s clothing at Berle .

January 30, 2018 by Berle Editor
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