The Best Men’s Trousers for Any Occasion

True, clothing is about comfort and style. But fundamentally, clothing is about presenting ourselves in the best possible light in any given situation. And matching your trousers to each situation will help you to look your best—and your most appropriate. Here are our suggestions for finding the best men’s trousers for any occasion.

For the Most Serious Occasions

A dark pair of tailored trousers go well with a suit, which is exactly what you’ll want to wear for the most serious occasions.  Whether you’re going to a funeral, a wedding, a graduation, or any formal event that marks a milestone (even if it’s not your milestone), looking your absolute best conveys the respect that the occasion commands. That’s why job interviews also tend to require suits: it shows how seriously you take this first impression.

For a great go-to, check out our Super 130’s Tasmanian Gabardine in Flat Front. Pick out a dark color to match a dark jacket and a crisp white shirt—this ensemble will get you through most of life’s serious situations.

For the Business Occasion

If your adult wardrobe is still young, there’s a chance that your definition of “casual pants” differs a lot from ours. If so, it may be time to upgrade your definition. Think of “casual” as business-casual, which is to say any pair of trousers that you can wear to look your best on an ordinary day at the office.

Basic Flat Front Khakis are some of the best men’s trousers in this style, allowing you to dress the pants up for the office and easily pair with a jacket and tie if need be. As a rule of thumb, if you can’t pair your pants with a jacket and tie with a straight face, then it’s probably not “business casual.”

For the Social Situations

Truthfully, Charleston Khakis will easily fit under “business casual.” But let’s take the concept of business casual social for a moment. What do you wear when you have to go to a dinner party? A weekend get-together? Meeting the parents of your significant other? Business casual with a tie might be over the top. Charleston Khakis, however, offer a smooth, effortless style that’s perfect for these social gatherings. A simple Charleston Dress Khaki (equally suitable for thee business situations mentioned above) can look great with a simple sweater, a cotton button down shirt, or even a polo.

For At-Home Comfort

For at-home comfort, we recommend our Performance Dress Khakis. These are great for formal and casual environments alike. The “performance” comes from our wrinkle and stain resistant material, which is particularly well suited for around the house. If you’re hosting an event at home or even lounging around someone else’s home, these are the pants that ensure it’s not such a big deal if someone spills a little bit of their cola on your lap.

Find the Best Men’s Trousers Today

These are just a few ideas for life’s main occasions. For everything else, you can find the best men’s trousers by browsing our collection.

January 31, 2017 by Berle Editor
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