Men’s Wedding Attire Tips: Men’s Dress Pants

A wedding is more than just a celebratory event. It’s the marathon of modern-day parties: you have to look put together at the wedding venue, dressed for dinner at the reception, and ready to cut a rug on the dance floor. Your wedding attire had better be ready to keep up. Fortunately, we’ve put together some must know facts about men’s dress pants that are sure to get you ready for that next wedding.

Chances Are, Your Shirt Will Become Untucked

If you’re in a wedding party as a groomsman, you’ll spend the vast majority of your day in a suit. It’s only natural that your shirt will want to become ruffled and untucked at some point—especially if you hit the dance floor more than once.

That’s where the shirt stay comes in. Also known as a shirt garter, these simple devices are put under the clothing in order to keep the shirt in—just put them on while you’re getting your suit ready and you’ll be ready to go.

One note: if it wasn’t obvious, shirt collar stays are there only for your collar and will have nothing to do with how long your shirt stays neatly tucked.

No Need to Get Fitted

You might not dress up very often. And there’s nothing wrong with that. The problem is, if you don’t wear men’s wedding attire very often, you may not know about glaring problems with the fit of your men’s dress pants or trousers—particularly in the hem.

Over time, if your hem is too long, it can often get caught under the shoe or scraped against the ground. This leads to slipping or tripping, a bad look, and can even damage the trousers themselves. Normally, to combat this issue, you would want to get in touch with a tailor. At Berle, however, we offer complimentary hemming services with all of the men’s dress pants and trousers we offer.

Whether your wedding ambitions are walking down the aisle or hitting up the dance floor, your pants need to fit right. Consult our sizing page for the specifics on what to look for in a well-fitting pair of men’s dress pants.

Suspenders or a Belt: Pick One

If you want to keep your shirt tucked in without the help of a shirt stay, or simply want to keep your trousers up all night, then “being prepared” might seem wise. So you double up: you choose both a belt and suspenders for your outfit.

This might work well when you have your jacket on, but when the dance floor comes alive and the jacket comes off, your wedding attire fashion faux pas will be on full display. Belts and suspenders look wrong together for good reason: you only need one to keep your trousers snug. So when you put together your wedding outfit, pick one or the other.

Your Men’s Dress Pants Depend on Your Role in the Wedding

If you’re a groomsman, then you likely have an arrangement with the groom as to what you’ll be required to wear for the wedding. But there are other unwritten rules for men’s wedding attire depending on what role you have in the wedding:

  • If you’re a simple invitee with nothing to do but enjoy yourself, casual khakis with a blazer and a tie will work just fine.
  • If you’re an usher for the wedding, you may have to consult with the couple or opt for tailored men’s trousers just to be safe.
  • If you’re giving a reading or have some other small role in the wedding itself, stick with tailored men’s trousers and a full suit to give the occasion the respect it deserves.

As Tom Ford once said, the primary function of clothing is good manners. By dressing your best for a wedding, you’re showing respect for the happy couple. Armed with a little men’s dress pants knowledge, you’ll always know exactly what men’s wedding attire to wear—and how best to wear it.

August 30, 2016 by Berle Editor
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