Men’s Big And Tall Jeans


What if you aren’t looking for a pair of dress slacks for the office? What if you don’t want a custom-tailored suit? How do you get the right fit—and the right look—when you’re looking for one of the simplest items around: a quality pair of jeans? At Berle, shopping for men’s big and tall jeans is a breeze. Here are a few tips for securing the best quality denim for your buck.

Unlock The Potential Of Dress Denim

One of the most difficult big and tall pieces to find isn’t necessarily a pair of jeans—it’s a pair of jeans that will look right no matter where you wear them. Enter “dress denim.” Our Dress Denim Pants are office-ready for a number of reasons. But they’re also comfortable and fashionable enough for your days off too, thanks to the following features:

  • 100% cotton fabric. Just like the denim you’re used to, dress denim features the breezy, substantial comfort of cotton.
  • Self-sizing waistband. The hardest thing to get right with a pair of men’s big and tall jeans? Getting a waist that’s just right. This self-sizing waistband can expand up to 4” for added comfort, giving you some flexibility to ensure a snug fit every time.
  • Enter in your individual dimensions to get the length just right—no more pants tucking underneath the shoes or a high-riding hem that reveals too much of your socks.

Dress denim, when paired with a belt and a button-down shirt, makes for a fantastic business-casual  look that offers all the comfort of plain old casual.

Pleated or Flat Front?

Sold on dress denim already? Great. But there’s another choice you have to make. Should you opt for pleated, flat front, or both?

  • Pleated Dress Denim includes the features you saw listed above, but with a crisp “fold”: the pleating will give you more of a formal look. That’s because pleating tends to go well with suits designed for sit-downs: meetings, religious services, and the like. It also comes down to the basic question of taste and preference.
  • Flat Front Dress Denim offers a sleeker, more casual silhouette. This is great for pairing with casual dress shirts, button-downs, etc. Though it can work in a “business casual” environment, it’s versatile enough to handle less formal atmospheres including social gatherings and family meet-ups.

Which one should you choose? There’s no reason you have to opt for either/or—you can pick up one of each style to ensure you have pants for every occasion. But if you’re on a budget, it might come down to your basic preference.

Men’s Big & Tall Trousers: Beyond Dress Denim

Men’s Big & Tall jeans are great for keeping your wardrobe versatile and casual. But there are more options besides dress denim if you want to look your best. We recommend checking out all our Big & Tall pants options here at Berle. Chances are, you’ll discover more than just jeans: you’ll find the precise-fitting trousers to overhaul your entire wardrobe and have you feeling your best.

January 02, 2018 by Berle Editor
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