How To Pick The Best Men’s Casual Summer Pants

When the mercury rises, there’s only one way to look in the dresser for relief: shorts. At least, that’s how the conventional wisdom goes. But sometimes, like in an office setting or other event that calls for finer dress, that just won’t cut it. Luckily, men’s casual summer pants are available. If you find yourself in need of long trousers this summer but don’t want to sacrifice comfort, you’ll do well to learn how to pick the casual pants that best suit you.

Types Of Casual Pants

It starts with choosing the type of casual pants you want to wear. It may seem that all pants are cut from the same cloth—literally—until you delve into the many options available here at Berle. Then you realize that your options for men’s casual summer pants are nearly unlimited, including:

  • Seersucker. Our Seersucker Flat Front pants are 100% cotton, like many of the options here at Berle. But the seersucker weave is great for those especially hot days thanks to the dimpled texture that keeps more of the fabric from the skin, allowing air to move more freely throughout the pant leg.
  • Dress Denim. Most people are fine wearing denim all summer long. The cotton fabric might be a little warmer than a pair of casual shorts, sure, but in most cases—especially indoors—it’s not going to be so stuffy that it’s unbearable. You can find a happy medium between casual and smart with Dress Denim Pants. The relaxed fit and 100% cotton construction allow for plenty of space for air movement while the pants themselves suit a range of needs, from summer weddings to casual outings.
  • Prime Poplin. Poplin like the kind you find in our Prime Poplin Flat Front pants sports a polyster-cotton combination that’s durable, light, and nearly indistinguishable from cotton pants. These are the kinds of pants that you won’t worry about putting through the washer and dryer again and again because they’ll hold on to so much of their integrity and fit. This makes them a great pick if you want one pair of pants that will last all summer for years.

Choosing a pants style you like is a great step in the right direction. But what else can you do to make casual pants work for you?

Wearing Pants In The Heat

How do you make casual pants work even when the mercury rises? Using some of the pants above can be a nice way to keep cool, but we have a few other ideas:

  • Ditch the socks. The sockless look is not only “in,” it’s also practical in summer heat. If you still want to wear socks, you could try low-rise socks that barely show above the shoe.
  • Wear light colors. A light-colored pair of trousers will better reflect light, absorbing less heat from the sun. It doesn’t sound like it will make a difference, but anyone who’s tried it knows just how hot dark pants can get outdoors.

Ready for a great pair of summer pants? Browse all our casual trouser options here at Berle!

May 08, 2018 by Berle Editor
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