Men’s Casual Work Pants: Casual Comfort, Board Room Style

There are many advantages to men’s casual pants. They’re comfortable. They’re versatile. They can be worn around the home as you please, not to mention out to errands without ever having to pause and change. So why do so few men try to wear more casual pants at the office? Simple: they don’t know how. Let’s fix that by learning how to dress up casual work pants and enjoy at-home comfort throughout the workweek.

Step One: Buy the Right Pair of Men’s Casual Pants

First things first: we should set a clear definition for men’s casual pants here. There’s “business casual,” which includes pants you can wear to the office, and then there’s “casual casual,” which can include anything from jeans on down to sweatpants… depending on your individual taste.

None of this advice will work unless you upgrade your definition of casual to include business casual. But don’t think this means that casual comfort is out the window. Some of our most comfortable pants belong to the business casual class, including our:

In the end, it’s easy to upgrade your sense of “casual” without losing that which makes casual, well, casual: comfort. Pick the right casual work pants and comfort will never be a sacrifice you have to make.

Step Two: Dress the Pants Up

There’s not much you can do directly to a pair of casual work pants that will “dress them up.” But there’s plenty you can do to the rest of your wardrobe to pull it off. Luckily, you have a lot of options here, including:

  • Tucking in your top shirt and cinching everything into place with a nice brown or black belt is a great way to take casual work pants and make them more office-appropriate. Not only does it show that you put care and personal attention into the way you look, but it often ties the outfit itself together.
  • Adding a quality shirt. A T-shirt and khaki pants? That’s not remotely near office-ready. A button-down shirt and tie with khaki pants? That’s much closer to the mark. The quality of your top will hold a lot of sway over the final verdict of your outfit.
  • Adding a second layer. A sweater and tie, a blazer over an oxford cloth button down…. the options here are varied. But it’s important to add a second layer that “upgrades” the quality of your outfit, rather than taking it down a notch back toward “casual” land.

Find the right fitting shirts, sweaters, and jackets, and you can pair your men’s casual work pants with comfortable clothes all around.

Step Three: Color-Coordinate

Even if you buy quality materials and pair them together, you won’t get very far if they outright clash. The problem? You’re not sure which colors to wear. To make it simpler, try the basics: khakis and navy blue. Whites and browns. Blues and blacks. Try two or three color pairings at first until you get the hang of it, and then try experimenting more as your wardrobe grows in sophistication. The result will be a comfortable, office-ready wardrobe you can take with you to work all week.

Find A Quality Pair of Men’s Casual Work Pants

Browse our entire collection of men’s casual pants to find the right pair to suit your style.

November 01, 2016 by Berle Editor
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