Men's New Year’s Outfit Ideas 2019

New Years is an exciting time. Hanging up a new calendar on the wall means new opportunities, new chances, and new goals. But it’s also a time to celebrate—which is why you’ll likely find yourself with invites to office New Year’s parties or similar events. The only question: what should you wear? Picking out the perfect look can be challenging. Do you go formal or opt for something more fun? Do you dress office-appropriate or party-appropriate? To help, here are a few great men’s New Years outfit ideas for 2019!

Outfit #1: A Festive Atmosphere

If you’re going out with friends or celebrating a casual get-together for the new year, it’s fair to say you don’t need to dress like you’re going out for a job interview. The good news is that your fashion options aren’t so limited. The bad news is that it can be difficult to figure out exactly what to wear. Here are a few ideas for a relaxed outing on New Year’s:

  • Trousers: In winter, it’s easy to get used to wearing darker colors—those colors associated with absorbing heat and contrasting with the snow. But this is a special occasion that’s likely to be indoors. Why not go with something a little fun? Try a Seersucker Flat Front Pant!
  • Top: When you have the right trousers, you have plenty of options. A festive atmosphere will likely call for something casual—say, a sweater over a button-down shirt or even a sweater by itself.

Outfit #2: A Formal Affair

Not every New Year’s gathering is going to be so breezy. If you have to keep things formal—whether at a formal affair or business event—you’ll want to stick to some basic rules. Here are our some suggestions:

  • Trousers: Cotton/Poly Dress Khaki in Flat Front. This is a perfect blend of formal and casual, giving you enough flexibility to feel comfortable no matter what everyone else is wearing. The flat front keeps it casual while the “dress khaki” construction gives you plenty of options for suiting.
  • Top: This will likely depend on the dress code if you have a formal event, but stick to a sport coat and maybe even a tie. Even relaxed New Year’s parties can be surprisingly dressed-up, which is why it’s better to err on the side of formality.

Outfit #3: Relaxing at Home

Not all New Year’s gatherings are big-time formal affairs that require dressing up. What if you want to relax at home? What if you want a good night’s sleep before attacking your resolutions in earnest?

Whether you’re having friends over for a casual get-together or simply enjoying the home before you change into pajama pants, stick with our Prime Poplin Flat Front Pants. Make no mistake—these pants are fashionable enough to be worn at the office or even parties—but they’re also comfortable enough for the home. Pair them with your favorite top—the options are virtually unlimited.

Want more ideas for great New Year’s outfits? Continue browsing the collections here at Berle.

December 18, 2018 by Berle Editor
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