Men’s Pants Fashion Mistakes To Avoid

No one wants to be “that guy.” “That guy” can refer to a lot of different things. But when it comes to men’s pants fashion, it means “that guy” who’s drawing unnecessary attention to himself either by accident or even by making silly fashion mistakes on purpose.

Fortunately, a good pair of trousers will prevent most of these mistakes. But if you want to look your best, it will help to know some of the sillier mistakes men make when buying men’s trousers online and wearing them out in public.

Wearing Your Pants Too High

A good pair of pants will naturally fall below the navel at the top of the legs. Go any higher than this, and your entire silhouette will look drastically different. If your pants are too long, you shouldn’t try to remedy it by pulling them up higher and tightening your belt. Instead, you have to realize the problem in the first place: the pants are already too long.

Solution? Go for a store that, ahem, offers complimentary hemming. This will help you get the length right so you don’t have to wear your pants too high.

Ripping Your Pants

This men’s pants fashion mistake might fall under the “accident” category, but there’s no reason you can’t take a few steps to avoid this social faux pas. If you’re going to dance at a wedding, for example, it helps if you get tailored trousers. If your pants fit in the first place, the risk of ripping them goes down significantly.

You can also boost your confidence with Performance Dress Khaki pants. The relaxed fit helps prevent tearing, and the split waistband and seat gives you more flexibility. As for your skill at dancing… well, there are classes for that.

The Sweat Stain

It’s amazing how many men’s pants fashion accidents seem to arise from the dancing scenario, but they’re worth addressing. Especially the dreaded sweat stain. You can prevent this by wearing darker trousers to your next dancing event. The sweat stains will be less noticeable, which gives you some added protection right away.

You’ll also want to focus on light, breathable pants, usually made from 100% cotton. This won’t prevent your sweating, but it will help you to maximize air flow and keep the perspiration to a minimum.

Tucking in Your Dress Trousers

It may be trendy to tuck your jeans in to your boots during autumn, avoiding the mud. It may even be trendy as a “streetwear” look. But when it comes to khakis and dress trousers, let them loose.

A properly-tailored pair of khakis or dress pants is designed to hit the top of your shoe without excessive billowing. This creates a balanced, practical comfort that was intended all along. It’s one thing to try a trend in a casual setting, but as the stakes go up, try to avoid silly fashion mistakes when you’re going for a more classic look.

Shopping At The Wrong Store

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August 08, 2017 by Berle Editor
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