Men’s Smart Casual Trousers – 3 Fresh Options from Berle

Finding the perfect pair of casual pants shouldn’t be a chore. These are casual, after all—they’re supposed to be easy to wear and require minimal thought when assembling an outfit. But that all depends on the quality of the pair of pants. There’s nothing wrong with a casual look like jeans and a T-shirt—but sometimes you want more from your wardrobe. Here are three of our favorite options for men’s smart casual trousers in our collection.

Dress Denim Trousers

Everyone is aware of the ubiquity of denim. Wear a pair of jeans and you can match just about anything to them—from a blazer on down to a T-shirt. But if you want a fresh option, then dress denim is the choice for you.

Specifically, we’re talking about our Flat Front Dress Denim trousers here. These 100% cotton, silicone-washed pants will give you the same versatility as regular denim but with a more precise fit. That’s because our self-sizer feature allows you to input every relevant number for your unique fit, from Rise to Inseam.

Why dress denim? Because it will help you elevate your wardrobe so that you don’t look like everyone else who wears the same old denim-and-button-down combo—all while keeping true to what makes denim so versatile in the first place.

Microfiber Performance Trousers

You might not think it, but more demands are placed on men’s smart casual trousers than most dress pants. You’ll take extra care not to spill on suit trousers so that you can look good for the big meeting. But with casual pants, the rules get stretched.

That’s why an item like Microfiber Performance Trousers can make a great casual option. The water and stain resistance of the fabric is perfect for everyday situations. Like our Flat Front Dress Denim pants, these self-sizer pants can be customized for a precise fit, giving them the flexibility to match with any suit options you have.

Seersucker Trousers

If you’re in the market for something just as comfortable and durable as the above options but are still looking for a different weave, try our Seersucker trousers. The lightweight, 100% cotton fabric is great for warmer conditions, which means you’ll have no trouble using it even on hot summer days when you don’t want to wear shorts.

There are both pleated and flat front options for these seersucker casual trousers. Generally, the pleated pants tend to be more “formal,” as they’re constructed for sitting down. For a more casual option, go with the flat front.

More Men’s Smart Casual Trousers

Which is the best option for your next purchase? Because all three of these options allow for self-sizing, you’ll have no problem finding the ideal fit. Ultimately, the decision on which to buy comes down to personal preference. For other ways to ditch the “jeans every day” look, shop all our full collection of casual trousers today.

April 11, 2017 by Berle Editor
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