Men’s Suit Trousers Options & 5 Tips for Looking Your Best

A suit can be a complicated thing—but it shouldn’t be. Whether you need to dress well for the office or simply need to show up to a formal event looking your best, a jacket and tie will always be a “shortcut” to great style. If you want to keep things simple, start with a high quality pair of suit trousers first and learn the rest from there. Here are five tips for pulling off your next trouser-jacket-tie combination.

Wear Long Socks

Garbadine Flat Front Trousers

If you have a pair of well-fitting men’s suit trousers, eventually, they’re going to ride up. It’s simply a natural consequence of sitting and crossing your legs. The key is to be prepared for this exact situation so you never miss a beat.

Keep a pair of long-fitting dress socks. They should be long enough to cover your entire ankle. At Berle, you can enjoy complimentary hemming, which means your trousers will look their best when you’re standing—but with a quality pair of socks, you won’t miss a beat when seated, either.

Build an Outfit from the Bottom Up

One of the most ubiquitous rules in men’s fashion is to pair the color of your shoes with your belt. That means this is a great place to start building the rest of the outfit from your wardrobe. For example, black shoes pair best with black trousers, dark and light grey trousers, and navy trousers. Brown shoes pair well with brown, light grey, and navy. The key is not to overlap your blacks and your browns too much.

Try Your Trousers On Without a Belt First

Wool Flat Front Suit Trousers

When you first purchase a new pair of trousers, you should walk around without a belt. If they’re so big that they require a belt, you should size down. This might sound a little counter-intuitive at first. But your belt is as much an accessory as it is an item of utility. If your trousers are so big that they fall from your waist without this accessory, then they’re too big—period. Note: try our Self-Sizer trouser options so that this is never a problem in your wardrobe.

Start with Versatile Colors, Then Expand

Because khaki and its close neighbors are such versatile colors, you can get away with pairing just about anything with our Microfiber Self Sizer Flat Front pants in either taupe or white. If you have yet to make a purchase, keep trousers like this in mind.

Navy, for example, pairs with both black and brown shoes, so you’ll have more freedom if you purchase a pair of navy trousers first. As you build your wardrobe, you can buy more specialized colors for specific looks.

Never Stop Learning

The modern suit might seem simple—trousers, shirt, jacket, tie—but you’d be surprised at how many different elements can either make or break an outfit. That’s why it’s important to keep on trying new things and learning along the way.

To build your own wardrobe with a high quality pair of pants, check out our collection of men’s trousers to find the pieces that best “suit” you.

March 21, 2017 by Berle Editor
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