Pants Fitting Problems – How to Avoid "Pocket Bulge"

The hem, the inseam, the waist size—you’ve calculated it all to get the precise fit you need out of a pair of tailored pants. Your reward: a crisp, smart look that ups your fashion game to the next level. Then, you stuff one of your pockets with your everyday carry items and—well, the silhouette is thrown off. If you want your tailored pants to continue looking and feeling like tailored pants, you need to learn how to minimize “pocket bulge” so that you don’t end up like George Costanza. Here are our favorite tips for eliminating this pants fitting problem.

Invest In A Slim Wallet

It starts with your most important everyday item: the wallet. There are plenty of sleek wallet options out there, from the minimalism of money clips to the simplicity of “clamshell” wallets. It’s not a challenge to cut out your everyday items: just leave in the essentials. Credit cards, driver’s license, cash—these belong. That still-unused “buy ten subs, get one free” card? Not so much.

Split Up Your Items

Keys, slim wallet, cell phone—no individual item might seem that bulky, but when you put them all in the same place, that starts to add up. Their sum? Unsightly pocket bulk. Split up your items. Try the wallet in the back pocket, for starters, while you keep your cell phone in a messenger bag. Keep the keys in the right front pocket for easy access.

Make Sure Your Trousers Aren’t Too Tight

Sometimes it’s not the heft caused by your everyday items that counts—it’s the fact that your trousers are too big to begin with.

Although today’s trends look for a slim fit—and there’s nothing wrong with a slim fit—your trousers should fit with just enough give that you can carry everyday items in your pockets comfortably. If you can barely fit anything in your pockets because the trousers are so glued to your thighs, that’s a sign of a pants fitting problem—not the pockets themselves.

A tip: make sure you try out our tailored trousers to get the precise fit you’re looking for.

Find Alternative Methods of Storage

You don’t always need to have every item in your pocket to have it “on you.” In the winter, you can use jacket pockets for extra “carry-on” items. The same can be true of a light jacket in spring and fall. When you head to work, there’s nothing wrong with keeping your wallet inside your messenger bag or briefcase.

Every so often, give your trousers a rest, and get used to squeezing more value from the storage accessories that you already need in your daily life. After all, isn’t that why you have these accessories in the first place?

Shop Berle Fine Trousers

And the best way to eliminate common pants fitting problems? Secure a pair of men’s trousers that fit well in the first place. Browse our collections here at Berle for the custom-fitting pants that will give you the trim silhouette you seek.


August 16, 2017 by Berle Editor
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