Trouser Fitting: How to Tell When Your Pants Are Too Tight

Fashion trends come and go. But if there’s any universal rule about a proper pair of men’s trousers, it’s that they should fit well. Today’s skinny jeans and “slim fits” might seem like fashion fads to some, but behind these cuts are a very real interest in well-fitting pants.

The only question is, when are these pants too tight? And if your pants feel a little snug, how can you tell that it’s the problem of the trousers, and not simply that you’re used to a loose fit? With this trouser fitting guide, we’ll explore the difference between snug trousers and pants that simply don’t fit.

Trouser Fitting: When is “Snug” Too Snug?

It’s a simple question, but the answers seem to vary from person to person. If you’re used to a loose fit, then a proper trouser fit might feel too snug at first. If you’re used to slim cut, anything “straight cut” or loose-fitting will feel wrong.

It might be a matter of personal preference to some, but there are a few keys to figuring out whether your men’s trousers are truly ill-fitting or not:

  • Comfort. Comfort can be a fickle thing. Some people are comfortable wearing pants that are a size too big for their legs. But true fit should always be comfortable, even if it’s a little more snug than you’re used to. If your pants feel a little snug at first, give them a few wears to see if you simply needed to adjust your expectations. If not, it could be the pants.
  • Restriction of movement. There should be none. If your pants feel a little snug but allow you the full freedom of movement you’d expect out of a quality pair of men’s trousers, it’s a sign that you’re simply used to a looser fit. If the pants are so tight that they do restrict basic movement like stretching your legs, it might be time to go a size up.
  • Length. If your trousers don’t make it all the way to the bottom of your ankle, there’s a good chance you’ve gone a size too small. If anything, you’ll want a pair of pants that will have a little more fabric at the top of your shoe, as you can easily fold them over for a cuffed look (or simply have them hemmed).

As important as the above information might be, it doesn’t tell you a thing if you haven’t already tried the pants on. Here’s what to do if you’re currently in the market for a pair of pants and don’t want to buy them too tight.

Trouser Fitting: How to Shop for Men’s Trousers Online

You should try on your best-fitting pair of pants and check out all of the measurements you can find. How big is the waist? The length of the inseam?

Once you have these numbers, check out a pair of pants like our Basic Khakis in Flat Front. There you can enter in each number for a customized fit that will mimic your best-fitting pair of trousers at home. And better yet, our complimentary hemming will help ensure that you don’t get pants that are too long.

If you’re worried about pants being too snug, note the “relaxed fit” of pants like these Basic Khakis. With the right measurements in hand, you’ll be able to find a comfortable pair of men’s pants on your first try.

September 27, 2016 by Berle Editor
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