What Are Casual Pants & Slacks For Men?

Let’s face it, men. When it comes to picking outfits, most of us are adept at dressing up or dressing down—but the idea of dressing well “somewhere in the middle” eludes us. Concepts like “business casual” or just plain old “casual” are lost on a great many men. Just what are casual pants and slacks? In this post, we'll highlight common casual pants styles and offer tips on wearing them to complete your outfits.

Learn how to wear casual pants while still being the best-dressed man in the room!

Casual Pants Options

What defines “casual pants”? Well, there's no High Council of Pants for us to consult, so we have to include a great range of different trouser options and explain how they each can be applied to a term like “casual.” 

Here are some of the most common casual pants and slacks options for men:


Khakis (Chinos)

“Khaki” is the color; chino is the style. These Cotton Poly Dress Khaki Flat Front pants are perfectly casual when paired with a polo shirt, for example, or even a button-down. Throw a blazer on top and you’ll have a dressier look.

Denim (Jeans)

Jeans are the definition of casual pants. They’re so common, in fact, that it’s difficult to find a situation in which you can’t get away with wearing them. For a nicer touch to this otherwise common item, consider the Dress Denim options from Berle!


This fabric is the ultimate summer casual pant. Consider the Seersucker Flat Front Pants from Berle.


We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention corduroy, which tends to be even more laid back than its casual slacks brethren. This 8 Wale Luxury Cordory Pleated pant is a great example of casual pants that look fine with a belt for dressing up but has all the comforts of lounging around at home.

Okay, you might be saying: “I get that these are all casual pants options, but what do I wear with them in order to make an outfit business casual vs. actually casual?”

Mastering the Art of Business Casual

In the world of “business casual” style, the word “business” is more important than “casual.” You should be thinking in terms of an office-appropriate outfit that’s simply more casual than a standard suit and tie combination. “Casual Fridays” are another thing entirely.

Business casual tends to require a collared shirt, which includes button ups, button downs, and at the very least, a polo shirt. Anything else with a collar (such as a rugby shirt) is far too casual to wear in a business casual setting.

You can get away with denim when wearing business casual, depending on the environment…but a flat-front khaki or chino is far more likely to strike the right note.

Men's Casual Style 

“Casual casual” is a term that depends more on your definition. What can you wear that’s comfortable around the house, yet still “dressy” enough to go run some errands and feel good about the way you look? Here, corduroy and denim will be your friends.

April 07, 2015 by Berle Editor
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