What to Wear on a First Date for Men

You’ll never get another chance at a first impression. That’s why it’s so important for men to know how to dress for their first date. Not only should you dress to impress, you should also dress appropriately for each occasion. That’s why we’ve put together the following guide on what to wear on a first date for men.

The Casual Date: Dressing Down

Let’s be honest—not all dates are going to end up at a formal restaurant. Some dates might be casual walks through the park or simply seeing a movie together. Still, you’ll want to know how to start off on the right foot. We feature a wide range of casual trouser options for dressing down without sacrificing your sense of good style.

You’ll also want a pair of pants that can stand up to wear and tear just in case you accidentally spill your drink. For example, these Performance Dress Khakis feature wrinkle and stain-resistant cotton twill that makes them perfect for a casual, worry-free night out. You’ll worry less about spilling and more about the company.

To stay casual with a pair of khakis, keep the top casual as well. Anything from a sweatshirt to a polo, depending on the weather, can suit you well here. If you want to give your casual outfit some extra oomph, you can always add another layer like a button-down collar underneath the outer layer, or simply wear the button-down as your feature top.

The Dressy Date: Going in Style

Casual dates are great. But what if you really want to go for the gusto and dress up for a more formal dinner date? You don’t want to be “that guy.” Who’s “that guy”? That guy is the individual who goes for an expensive dinner date and realizes that he’s not up to the dress code. He needs to wear a dinner jacket, for example—or maybe he feels self-conscious at a formal event because he’s the only one without a tie.

Don’t make this mistake. Get a firm handle on the dress code before you go out, and make sure that you have the trousers to go with it. These Super 130’s Tasmanian Gabardine Flat Front pants can make an ideal companion for a suit, especially given the wide range of color options available.

Make sure that you also pair the appropriate dress shoes with the color you’re wearing. Brown shoes with a pair of black pants is a no-no; brown shoes with a navy suit will look sharp.

You’ve Got This

If you follow these basic rules and choose the appropriate trousers for whatever the first date may be, you’ll have no problem making the right first impression. And if you’re confident that you’re dressed well, that confidence will help you relax and enjoy a fluid and natural conversation with your first date.

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February 19, 2019 by Berle Editor
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