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Men's Classic Khaki Shorts

Sometimes, full-length pants are just not the right garment for the day at hand. Maybe you are headed out on a hot summer day, or maybe you know you’re going to be active and don’t want to be held back by pant legs. Whatever the case, you’ll want to have at least a couple quality pairs of men’s classic khaki shorts on hand. At Berle, we offer basic khaki shorts in both pleated and flat front varieties. You can trust that these shorts feature the same quality build that we’ve offered in our trousers for years.

Stick With A Classic

These shorts are made with 100% cotton for a good reason. We don’t mess with what has worked perfectly for generations. A reliable pair of cotton khaki shorts is a proven summer standard, and there is no reason to change that now. We are confident that you’ll love the way these classic shorts look and feel. You’ll be impressed with their durability as well.

Trust Berle To Deliver

Don’t bother taking a chance with an unproven clothing company when you can order from Berle and know exactly what you are going to receive. What do you get when you shop with us? Everything you could hope for, including great customer service, high-quality products, and excellent value. We take our reputation quite seriously, and every new order is a great chance to impress a new customer. Pick out your favorite pair of shorts today, and experience the Berle difference for yourself.