Performance Dress Khaki


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5 products

Men's Performance Dress Pants & Slacks

In many cases, khaki pants can be considered quite casual. But casual trousers don’t need to look sloppy, fit poorly, or take away from your wardrobe as a whole. For that reason, we place just as much emphasis on the quality of these pants as everything else in our product line. Our men’s performance dress pants and slacks are perfect for the business casual look, with all of the features you need to look great and feel your most confident.

Performance Features

These performance slacks are made with care to ensure they’ll get you through any long day at the office. Featuring wrinkle and stain resistant materials, you’ll always look sharp. These pants are also made with a relaxed fit and 100% cotton for enhanced comfort. Plus, they’re available in several colors and styles, so you can easily fill out your wardrobe.

Self-Sizer Available

One of the biggest issues seen with khaki pants that are purchased off the rack is the poor fit they often provide. Unless you get lucky and happen to fit perfectly into one of the pre-selected size categories, it’s likely that your khakis will be off in at least one area. That is not going to be a problem when you order from Berle. We allow you to specify exactly the size you need, including the waist and inseam, and you can also select the rise and bottom finish. When your order arrives, it should fit perfectly, and it should match your style, as well. Our performance dress pants are also available with our innovative self-sizer band, which allows you to adjust the waist up to six inches!

The Value Of Service

If you appreciate quality customer service, Berle is the right place to shop. We are dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers, which is a big part of why we’ve been in business for more than 70 years. Offers like complimentary hemming on all trousers and free shipping on regular price orders are just a small example of our focus on your needs. Thank you for visiting!