Vintage Khaki Brick Pants

As a color, khaki is a light brown. Of course, the word ‘khaki’ is also commonly used to describe a pair of pants. But did you know that not all khakis are khaki in color? It might be a bit confusing, but it’s the truth. Khakis (the pants) actually come in many different colors, and one color we love here at Berle is Charleston Brick. Take a moment to consider our vintage khaki brick pants options, and be sure to order at least one pair to add to your closet.

No Change in Quality

Khaki is a great color, but it’s not much fun to dress yourself in the same brown shade day after day. With this fun brick shade available, you’ll always have the option to mix things up when the mood strikes.

Moving away from the standard khaki color might help you mix things up, but what won’t change is the quality of the garments you receive from Berle. Our commitment to quality is not going anywhere. You can expect to find high-end pieces in every package that you receive. Simply put, your clothing money will be well-spent when you opt for Berle products.

Tremendous Service

One of the ways to stay in business for 70 years is to offer great products, which we do. Another key element is to provide excellent customer service. That piece of the puzzle is also on display at Berle. Benefits like free shipping on regular price orders and free hemming on all trousers help us to stand apart from the competition. Take a moment to place your order today, and you’ll learn why so many men are partial to Berle for their shopping needs.