2023 Men’s Clothing Gift-Giving Guide

The Holiday Season is here. It may be a challenge finding the perfect gift for men. One gift that keeps on giving may be the gift of style. This guide will go over what might be the best clothes to give as a gift to men in 2023 (and beyond).

The choices have become more diverse than ever before. With plenty of options that suit various tastes, you might be looking for possible suggestions. Especially if it is something that may be either formal, casual, or something in between.

Here’s a look now at what you need to know about giving the gift of style to men in 2023.

Top Men’s Clothing Gift Ideas for 2023

We’ll be showing you a list of men’s clothing gift ideas based on three different categories: casual wear, formal wear, and accessories. We will also suggest some of our favorites as well. Here’s a look now at the following:

Casual Wear:

  • T-shirts and polo shirts: These shirts are comfortable and trendy. They can even make a casual look awesome depending on the day.
  • Comfortable denim jeans: Denim is always timeless. At Berle, we also offer a form of Dress Denim Trousers for a casual, but dressy kind of style. So enjoy it on those business casual days at the office (or give it to someone who will).
  • Lightweight Jackets or sweaters: These will be useful during times of the year when layering is appropriate (such as the fall and winter). Perfect for adapting to cooler weather conditions.

Formal Wear:

  • Classic Dress Shirts: An obvious staple to formal wear. It should be well-fitted.
  • High-Quality Ties or Bowties: This will give your formalwear a touch of sophistication. Which type of tie does the man you’re looking to buy for prefer?
  • Well-fitted Blazers or Suits: Why not add a blazer or suit to the mix? If you’re looking to get just a blazer, it may be a good idea to consider one more thing to the ensemble.


  • Leather Belts: A classic type of belt that complements almost every outfit out there - both formal and casual. 
  • Fashionable Watches: A timepiece that can be elegant and stylish at the same time.
  • Scarves or Pocket Squares: Excellent for creating that extra pop in your style - whether it’s a formal event in the summer or while you’re out and about in the winter time.

Additional Considerations

When selecting the right clothing, it is important to factor in these additional considerations. Let’s take a look now at what you need to go over before making a decision:

Choosing the Right Size

If you know the measurements of the man you’re buying clothes for, this will be a huge plus. The measurements to look for include but are not limited to neck, inseam, chest, arm length, and waist. These measurements will depend on the type of clothing you intend to purchase.

The only exception where size is a factor is when you are choosing items like scarves, pocket squares, or similar accessories.

What is Your Budget?

Giving men’s clothing as a gift doesn’t have to break the bank. What you should also be aware of is that going the cheapest route may lead to disappointment. Especially when cheap in price will usually equal to cheap in quality.

At the same time, excellent quality may command a high price tag. When it comes to quality, the best that you can afford is the happy medium.

Quality and Sustainability

We live in an era where conscious consumerism is not abnormal. That’s because people are looking at high-quality fabrics and sustainable materials as a way to prevent landfill waste while spending less money on clothes that would otherwise wear and tear. Needless to say, environmental and ethical concerns that arise due to fast fashion are also factored into such decisions.  

Make sure you purchase clothes that will last a long time. This way, you save your money, the environment, and your sanity. You have peace of mind knowing your gift will last a long time thanks to excellent quality.


If you are looking to give clothes to a man as a gift, there are plenty of options. Berle has excellent choices of trousers that you can get based on size, materials, and so much more. Check out what they have for selections today and make it a gift that is worthwhile.