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45 products

Charleston Khakis For Men

For many men, khakis are a staple of the office wardrobe. As a business professional, your closet will not be complete without at least a few pairs of khakis waiting to be put into action. For an experience that goes above and beyond what you are used to, try our Charleston Khaki pants for men. The minute you slip into our Charleston Khakis—a casual, yet high-quality natural fiber-based trouser—you'll feel a little more relaxed. Shop now!

Quality You Can Trust

You have every reason to expect that your pants will last a long time. Don’t settle for pants that aren’t up to par. Our Charleston Khakis are made from quality materials. When you enter in your specific measurements, you’ll also be sure of a great fit. That means minimal issues throughout the life of your trousers and durable pants that stand the test of time.

Find Your Style & Fit

So, what makes ordering from Berle such an attractive option, compared to other retailers? It all starts with the ability to customize your order. When ordering, you can select your exact measurements, including your rise, waist size, bottom finish, and inseam. You can also pick between a double reverse pleat and a flat front. Once you have finished making your selections, the pants you are left with will be sure to suit your needs and tastes perfectly.

Customer Service

The Berle brand name is synonymous with quality. We are committed to providing our customers with the best trousers on the market today, and that certainly includes our line of Charleston Khaki pants. To go along with the quality of the items themselves, we are also dedicated to excellent customer service. You can enjoy complimentary hemming if desired on all trousers, and our regularly priced items always ship free. Thank you for taking the time to consider Berle! We look forward to receiving your order.