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8 products

Men’s Seersucker Pants

If there is one fabric that immediately comes to mind when you think of the south, it is sure to be seersucker. Not that it needs any introduction, but seersucker is a cotton fabric that helps the wearer to stay cool thanks to its puckered design that allows the garment to rest lightly on the skin. While it might be closely associated with the south, there is no reason this fabric needs to be restricted to that part of the country. Whether you need to stay cool on a hot day or just love the way this material looks, our Men’s Seersucker Pants are sure to be a hit.

A Great Casual Option

When the occasion at hand calls for casual attire, seersucker is a fabric that should immediately come to mind , especially during the hot summer months. You’ll love the look that these pants offer, and the standard Berle quality is present here, as you would expect. Made from 100% cotton, you can pick either flat front or pleated style options, and there are a variety of colors to choose from as well.

It’s Still Berle

For those who are familiar with our brand, it tends to be our tailored wool trousers and khakis that garner much of the attention. We do take great pride in those items, but we work just as hard to make sure our casual pants meet with your approval. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice on quality just because you aren’t quite dressing up to your normal standard. With options like our seersucker pants, you can look great and remain cool and comfortable all day long. We look forward to receiving your order!