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11 products

Cotton Polyester Dress Pants

When you are focused on comfort in addition to style, it’s hard to go wrong with a cotton/polyester blend. The cotton / polyester dress pants found in this collection feature 60% cotton and 40% polyester, which is a blend that leads to a comfortable, reliable garment that can serve you well in a variety of settings. From a relaxed Friday at the office to a weekend night out on the town, you’ll love the versatility that these pants bring to your closet.

Make Them Your Own

If you are tired of having to compromise by picking your casual pants from a selection of pre-made options, you’ll love what you find when you shop at Berle. We allow you to pick from a number of different style features, so the end result is something you can love and use for years to come.

Pick either khaki or navy for color, choose whether you want pleated or flat front, and consider whether or not you want to include our Self Sizer waistband feature. Of course, variables like waist size and inseam are available as well, so you can ensure the final product is a natural fit from the first time you try it on.

Fill Your Closet

It’s likely that you became familiar with the Berle brand as a result of our high-end, high-quality trousers for men. We take great pride in those garments, but we work just as hard to impress with our casual wear. No matter what the occasion, there is something in the Berle collection that can suit your needs. Contact us today with any questions. We look forward to receiving your order!