Performance Khaki Shorts


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4 products

Men's Performance Khaki Shorts

With shorts, it’s always important to strike a balance between three elements: comfort, look, and performance. You don’t want to sacrifice on any of these three points, as each is going to play an important role in your enjoyment of the garment. Fortunately, Berle has been able to blend all three pieces of the puzzle nicely with our men’s performance khaki shorts. If you need a pair of shorts that can perform well in nearly any situation, order a pair or two today.

All The Right Features

Assuming you’re going to be on the go with these shorts, you’ll appreciate the wrinkle- and stain-resistance cotton twill we use to construct the garment. You’ll also like the split waistband and seat, which offers comfort, as does the relaxed fit. It’s easy to see these shorts performing well over a long day on the golf course or a day out with the family running one errand after the next. Simply pick the right color for your tastes, the appropriate waist size, and whether you want a flat front or pleated style. We will take it from there!

From Casual To Formal

If you are like most men, you demand a lot from your wardrobe. Some days, you need to dress up for a big event, business meeting, or some other occasion. On other days, however, something casual is in order. By shopping with Berle, you can design a wardrobe that hits on all of those points. Our tailored trousers will have you looking your best, while items like these casual khaki shorts will give you great performance—while still looking sharp.