Berle and Charleston Khaki Trousers and Shorts run true to size. You should feel comfortable ordering the waist size that you normally wear in other brands. If you don’t know your waist size, please refer to our how to measure guide below.

We pride ourselves on offering the broadest assortment of sizes to accommodate almost every gentleman. Waist sizes from 30-44 including in all ranges and a big and tall offering in our core fabrics and styles to rival any other brand.

If you don’t see your size available in a particular range, call or email and we can help you find a great alternative.

How to Measure

Waist size

With a measuring tape, wrap the tape around your waist where you normally wear your pants. Add 1” to the measurement and order that size.


With a measuring tape, hold one end at the top of the inner pant leg seam (the crotch) and measure all the way down, along the inside seam to the bottom of the trouser or pant.

You can also perform this measurement by laying a pair of your best fitting trousers flat on a table and measuring from the crotch intersection seam, down along the inside seam to the bottom of the trouser. Keep the tape tight against the seam.