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29 products

Men’s Big And Tall Dress Pants

For men who have trouble finding great trousers in a size that fits, our men’s big and tall dress pants collection is perfect. You won’t have to sacrifice on quality or style just to get something in your size. Find options in khaki, wool, gabardine and more! We value your business and want to make sure you look your best each day.

Standard Berle Quality

It’s frustrating for men who fit into the Big & Tall category to be forced to buy poor quality, ill-fitting garments. However, in some places, that is all that’s available. Our commitment to customer service means that we take pride in serving as many men as possible, regardless of size.

When you order from Berle, you can expect to receive a quality pair of big and tall trousers that are stylish, comfortable, and built to last. You can also customize your order to make sure your garments have the exact fit you need. When ordering, simply select the length of the inseam you require, as well as the bottom finish you would like to feature.

A Selection of Sizes

Our big and tall men’s khakis include waist sizes from 50-60. Plus, you’ll find garments that feature our Self-Sizer design, which allows the waist to be adjusted up to an additional six inches, making the fit all the more comfortable. If you’ve grown tired of having to settle for pants that didn’t fit your body or your style, Berle is here.

  • Waist. This is the trouser size to which most people are accustomed. If you order a pair of size 42 pants, the 42 refers to the size of the waist, which can be measured through the belt loops. Essentially, it’s the size of the circle that comprises the top of your pants.
  • Inseam. This is the second most important number. If you’ve ever seen trousers written as “38 x 32,” for example, this is the second number—the length of the legs themselves, as measured from the crotch to the bottom of the leg. The longer the inseam, the longer the leg.
  • Rise. This is the distance from the middle of the crotch seam to the top of the waistband. You’ve heard of “low rise pants”? Those are pants with a small section around the hips, which gives them that “low” appearance. Generally, you’ll want “R,” or “regular,” to ensure a proper and professional fit.

To have yourself properly fitted, it’s best to visit a tailor and ask them to write down your numbers for you. It’s true that knowing these numbers alone won’t guarantee a great fit online—unless you buy a brand that’s precise when it comes to specific measurements for big and tall trousers.

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