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13 products

Men’s Microfiber Pants

When you think of the traditional fabrics that you turn to when assembling a wardrobe, microfiber probably isn’t on the list. Things like wool and cotton are going to be staples, and perhaps some other options will make their way into your closet as well. With that said, men’s microfiber pants have a lot to offer, and they should not be overlooked. Berle is proud to offer quality microfiber performance trousers in both flat front and pleated designs.

Plenty To Like

For the gentleman on the go, microfiber is a great material to hold up to the rigors of the day. For starters, it offers a comfortable feel, so you shouldn’t be held back by the fit of your pants. Also, it has wrinkle-, stain- and water-resistant properties, so it can hold up to a bit of punishment and still look great. If you find yourself in situations that are not suitable for something delicate like a pair of wool trousers, microfiber is a great alternative. And don’t worry—although they offer plenty of benefits on the performance side, these pants still look just as great as any other pair of Berle trousers.

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Add a luxury pair of microfiber dress pants to your closet and take advantage of their performance features. Our regularly priced items ship free, and we hope you will enjoy our free hemming and on all trousers. With the ability to select the appropriate inseam, bottom finish, and rise for your needs, it will be easy to come away with a garment that fits you perfectly. We look forward to serving you.