3 Stylish Men’s Chinos Outfits

Chinos are a classic staple that every man needs in his wardrobe. These casual pants offer one of the most versatile looks—you can easily dress them up or down for any given occasion. Here are three classic and stylish men’s chinos outfits to get you started. 

The Classic White Tee

Whether you prefer round necks, v-necks, or crewnecks, you can never go wrong with a fresh-pressed, white tee shirt. It doesn’t matter whether you wear your shirt fitted, loose, or semi-fitted: this classic wardrobe staple is guaranteed to look sharp with any color of chinos you choose. Opt for a half-tucked shirt, a slight cuff of your pants’ legs, and a pair of black, leather flip-flops for a sharp and casual summer look. A pair of Aviators and a leather watch are the perfect accessories to complete your outfit. 

The Long-Sleeve Polo

For a sharp look with a little edge, go for a light-weight, black, long-sleeve polo shirt. Much like the classic white tee, this shirt option pairs well with any color of chinos you choose. Opt for a half-tucked shirt for a clean, sharp look, and combine with a pair of Vans or Chuck Taylors. This outfit works well with chino pants as well chino shorts. 

The Oxford Button-Up

The Oxford button-up is another classic shirt that every man needs in his wardrobe. White and light blue are two staple colors that pair well with just about any color of chino. We love the Oxford shirt because much like the chino, it can easily be dressed up or down. For a sunny, Sunday brunch, opt for an Oxford with a half-tuck, a pair of chino shorts, and some sleek, leather Sperrys—you can add sunglasses and a gold or silver watch to complete your look. For dressier occasions, roll up the sleeves of your Oxford, opt for a full-tuck, a pair of long chinos, a leather belt, and a pair of dressier shoes, like double monks. 

Style Tips & Tricks

Here are some extra tips and tricks for styling your chinos: 

  • Although the terms “khakis” and “chinos” are often used interchangeably, there are a few slight differences. The literal translation for “khaki” is “soil” or “dust,” and this is visible in the neutral color of the fabric. In contrast, the fabric of chinos is a bit lighter and more breathable. Chinos are also available in khaki color, however, they also come in a variety of other colors, such as navy, olive, or brick.
  • The shoe and shirt combinations for men’s chinos are endless. By sticking with classic color combinations for your pants, shoes, and shirts, you can’t go wrong. For starters, take a look in your closet and examine the three colors you wear most. Sticking to a basic color palette for your staples is a simple way to look sharp and stylish each day with minimal effort.
  • If you’re looking for more style inspiration on what to wear with khakis, chinos, and other trousers, read our blog, How to Match Men’s Shirts and Pants. 

Shop Khakis & Chinos For Men

These three stylish men’s chinos outfits are just the beginning of what this versatile staple can bring to your wardrobe. With the chinos’ unique ability to transcend every season, looking sharp couldn’t be easier. Remember, your dresser drawer always starts with the trousers you keep. If you’re ready to put your best look forward, shop our men’s chinos and casual pants at Berle today.


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