One Pair of Pants for Every Occasion

We know. If you read that blog title, you might think that we here at Berle are somehow against the idea of variety and style options. The truth is, we’re not talking about one week, per se: we’re talking about how to make your style so versatile that you can easily use one pair of pants for every type of occasion. 

So let’s take a look at five variations you might use on a familiar item from the Berle collection—our flat-front Charleston khakis—and learn how to dress it up, dress it down, and make it look like a new outfit five times over.

Outfit #1: Business casual. The best way to make sure you’re office appropriate is to layer with the most office appropriate items in your wardrobe. Pair these khakis with a brown belt, a pale blue oxford cloth button down shirt (tucked in), a navy blazer, and brown shoes. Voila! You not only look office-appropriate, but you’ll score some style points as well.

The key to business casual is that you look like you’re ready to put on a tie at any moment…and then you don’t. The blazer offers your outfit a layer of professionalism and the paired belt and shoe colors help tie it all together.

Outfit #2: On the golf course. Wearing the same Charleston khakis, you might now opt for a polo—your choice of color—and a canvas belt. Wear golf shoes of any color—it doesn’t quite matter so much anymore, since your khakis will be pulling the outfit together in this case. Top with a simple golf hat and you’re ready for the course.

This outfits is simple and makes for an easy transition to a night on the town—as long as you remember to remove your golf shoes first.

Outfit #3: The weekend warrior. Pair the trousers with a plaid button-down for a more casual look, and instead of shoes, opt for boots—including desert boots if you’re not hitting up anywhere particularly rugged. This look can be easily layered with accessories like sunglasses and a watch to give yourself that “casual” vibe. This is a great look for “casual Fridays” if you want to take this outfit to the office.

Outfit #4: An evening at home. Wear your OCBD mentioned earlier, layer a cardigan on top, and match your belt and shoes again—this one’s quite easy. To go even more casual, you could always layer with a tee and opt not to wear a collar.

Outfit #5: The dinner party. Layer a simple V-neck sweater over a plain shirt, being careful to match your outfit with the rest of your accessories, particularly your shoes.

You now have five different options for looking casual, formal, and ready for business—all with the same pair of pants. Shop Berle’s full collection to get great looks for every occasion.