Three Ways to Extend the Life of Your Trousers

You’re ready for the job interview, waiting in the lobby, when you notice it; there’s a hole along the inseam of your pants.

“Great,” you think. “Not only do I have another ruined pair of trousers, but I’m going to be thinking about this throughout the whole interview. What am I doing that keeps ruining my pants?”

If what you wear influences your state of mind, then it only serves to reason that taking good care of your clothes will help you to feel confident and sharp in some of life’s most nerve-racking situations. What’s more, taking proper care of your pants—and every item in your wardrobe—will save you money by avoiding big replacement purchases.

Store Your Clothes Properly First

For the majority of a pair of trousers’ life, it’s sitting alone, doing nothing. In some cases, it’s hanging on a hanger waiting to be worn. Maybe it’s folded in a dresser, or even sitting under your bed, acquiring fresh wrinkles. No matter what your pants are doing, they’re likely spending the vast majority of their time in storage—so if you want them to stay in good condition, you’ll have to think about how you store your clothes. recommends avoiding mold and moisture as two of the chief enemies of clothing quality. A rule of thumb: if the room isn’t comfortable enough to sleep in, then it’s not going to be effective for storing clothes. If you’re really concerned about protecting your trousers, then have them dry-cleaned once and save their storage bags for long-term protection.

The Adult’s Guide to Hanging Trousers

Hanging trousers simply is easy, but it helps to have a visual aid: Acustom Apparel can help you there. Folding your pants “upside-down” along the inseam will help you avoid wrinkling and other problems, which means your trousers will be set and ready to go when you need them—for, say, a job interview for which you were given short notice.

Investing in quality wooden hangers over the plastic variety is wise, as well: plastic hangers easily sag and snap, which defeat the purpose of hanging your trousers this way. Wooden hangers are more durable and will likely last more than long enough to justify the purchase.

Follow the Washing/Cleaning Instructions

Our last tip: read the instruction manual to your pants. Trouser manufacturers put the labels and instructions there for a reason; you might as well take advantage of the knowledge. You have to know whether or not your trousers are made from wool or cotton—for example, our Super 100’s Gabardine Pleated are made from worsted wool. All of the tips in the world won’t matter if you don’t care for your clothing fabric in the way it was meant to be treated.

Finally, avoid over-washing your trousers. You want to strike a balance between good hygiene and over-washing to the point of ruining your pants; try to keep them dry and clean when you’re storing them and you’re sure to get more life out of them over the long-term. Think of your pants as an investment and treat them that way; eventually, you’re sure to get a better return.