Caring For Your Trousers – 3 Things You're Probably Not Doing But Should

Washer, dryer, fold. It’s a routine many of us are familiar with—but is it really the best when it comes to truly caring for your trousers? Not when you want them to look their best and last as long as possible. Here are three things you might not be doing with your trousers that you probably should.

Ironing Your Trousers

Admit it: as much as you love a crisp, tailored look, you rarely take the time out of your day to give your trousers a proper iron. Even if you do, it might be an infrequent occurrence, reserved only for high-level meetings and events.

The good news is that ironing or otherwise caring for your trousers doesn’t have to be a major chore. Just make sure to get the waistband, the pockets, the fly, the seams, and the hem—all of which can be done in relatively quick succession once you have the hang of it.

The key to making ironing a regular habit: do it when you’re waiting anyway. Maybe you’re waiting for someone to return a phone call. Maybe you’re waiting for other clothes do dry. Whatever it is, make sure you properly iron your trousers to give them the look for which they were designed.

Paying Attention to Washing Instructions

For easy reference, check out Laundry Labels Explained.

Probably the most overlooked aspect of doing laundry is paying attention to specific washing instructions on the label. For example, a pair of paints will warn you that it is dry-clean only by making that clear on the label. But if you never read that label, there’s no reason you wouldn’t throw that pair of pants in with the rest of the wash.

Another issue to pay attention to: water temperature. In addition to separating whites from colors, make sure that you keep clothes designated for specific washing temperatures separated if you want the best results. You likely won’t do a lot of damage if you ignore this, but you’ll have the cleanest possible pants if you handle your laundry the right way.

Folding Your Trousers the Right Way

Truth be told, pants spend very little time being worn and washed. They’ll spend the vast majority of the time being stored.

Hang them upside-down, with the waist facing the ground.That means you’ll have to fold and store them properly if you want your pants to maintain that crisp look. This video online recommends hanging your dress pants, giving a few steps along the way to ensure that they look their best:

  • Take the time to straighten out the pants and ensure the seams and creases line up, rather than creating new creases.
  • One leg at a time! Putting both legs through a hanger will get them in the air, but won’t provide that crisp storage you’re after.

Shopping The Right Brands

Of course, caring for your trousers only makes sense if you have a pair worthy of the attention. For that, we recommend browsing our collection of fine men’s trousers at Berle!