Comfortable Men’s Pants for Work

With the work from home revolution taking over by storm, more men than ever need comfortable work pants so they feel they can be productive when they clock in at home. After all, it's hard to do your best work when you "clock in" in your sweatpants or pajamas! Even if you are returning to a regular workplace or office, you can always do with more comfortable trousers that are both comfy to wear for hours and work-appropriate.

Not sure where to start? Let’s break down how to find comfortable men’s pants for work and check out a few stellar examples.

Choosing the Fabric

For starters, you want to choose pants in particular fabrics to maximize their comfort and stretchiness. Generally speaking, pants made of blended fabric are great choices as they tend to be more stretchy than normal.

For example, these Stretch Cotton/Linen Modern Fit Pants from Berle are comfortable, classy, and have plenty of room for storing your workplace accessories. Linen is a particularly good choice if you need comfortable pants for the summer months, as linen is inherently breathable. Cotton, on the other hand, isn’t as cool but it is very comfortable, even for wearing for an entire workday. Or you can consider these polyester/wool pants with a self sizer waistband and a relaxed fit. These pants are ideal for comfort since they sit straight on your hips and thighs.

If you’re looking for winter pants, though, you may want to go with wool. This fabric is heavier but warmer that is still quite comfortable when sized and tailored appropriately. As a plus side, wool can wick away perspiration. Berle’s Stretch Brushed Wool Pants are a perfect example of the comfort and style points you'll gain from wearing wool to the workplace.

Aside from those options, you might also look for tailored pants made of cotton twill. Cotton twill can handle many hours of sitting, just like denim, but it is far more comfortable and can be dyed in all kinds of workplace-appropriate colors. Our Calvary Twill Stretch Pants  are available in tan or gray colors, both of which are perfect for most workplaces and offices.

Picking Fit

Next, you want to make sure that you choose pants that are fitted perfectly for your body. More than fabric, the fit of your pants will determine how comfortable they are to sit in or walk around in for an entire workday or workweek.

Look for “Self Sizer” Pants

We specifically recommend checking out pants labeled as “self sizers.” Self sizer pants include concealed expansion systems beneath your pants’ belt loops on either side. These aren’t detectable through feel or look, but they will cause your pants’ waistband to expand and move along with your body. Berle offers a wide range of self sizer pants in a variety of fabrics, sizes, and colors. Put simply, if you plan to be sitting down and standing up frequently at work, self sizer pants are the way to go.

Our performance Dress Khakis are a great example as they are self sizer, pleated, and long rise, offering a professional and comfortable look in all the workplace-appropriate colors you can imagine.

Tailoring is Always Top-Tier

One more thing – always try to get your work pants tailored if possible. Tailored pants look great since they are designed for the fit of your lower body from top to bottom. This prevents your ankles from being visible, for example, and will ensure your pants don’t sag when combined with a good belt. But more importantly, tailored pants are much more comfortable. Done right, the best tailored pants will feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.

Color Considerations

Last but not least, you’ll also want to consider pants colors when choosing comfortable trousers for work. Generally, pants colors for men are pretty limited: you can go with gray, black, white, navy, or other neutral colors.

Fortunately, most comfortable workplace pants for men come in all these colors and more. But we recommend going with a lighter color if your office tends to be warmer than average. Darker colors absorb light and are usually warmer, so lighter colors will keep your legs cool throughout your workday.

Ultimately, the most comfortable workplace pants for men are best found on Berle. Check out the examples we’ve broken down above or see the rest of our self sizer pants collection here!