Fashionable Gifts for Father’s Day

With Father's Day approaching, you might be looking for a gift he will appreciate for a long time. If this is a challenge for you, this guide will help you make an informed decision, especially regarding his fashion sense and style. Your dad could be a fashion-forward trendsetter or someone who prefers timeless classics.  

Either way, the perfect gift might last a long time. It could be something that he can add to his wardrobe and choose as his go-to, depending on the occasion. Let's delve into this guide a little deeper to see which fashionable gifts will be perfect for Father's Day — and let's say it's not the tacky neckties that are typically the go-to.  

The Perfect Pair of Trousers 

Trousers that fit well can be an excellent gift for Dad, especially with Berle's wide variety. You might want a tailored pair of Super 100's Gabardine trousers. Whether flat front or pleated, they can be an excellent option for Dad, especially if he wants to wear something to the office or at a semi-formal event. It's also essential to ensure that you know what Dad likes regarding the look he is accustomed to. 

Is he more of the casual, relaxed type? Or is he looking for something that will be the perfect fit for semi-formal and dressy moments? This will give you an idea of which trousers to choose. Casual occasions will fit flat-front trousers well, while pleated trousers will be excellent for more formal events. 

Stylish Shirts for Each Occasion 

Regarding shirts, it might be an excellent option to choose between a dress and casual shirts. Once again, it's all about Dad's style. For example, you could go with a well-tailored dress shirt that can be paired excellently with a pair of Berle's Performance Dress Khakis. 

Otherwise, a casual shirt will be great for a more stylish and relaxed option that Dad can wear at the office on Fridays or if he's operating the grill at a weekend family barbecue. If you've got the budget, you could get both types: one for casual events and another for more formal occasions. Sometimes, both are just the best option. The real question is, which shirts will fit your dad best? 

Accessories with Sophistication 

Okay, so we did say stay away from the tacky neckties, but we didn't say stay away from neckties altogether. You want to find one that is sophisticated and looks very classy. These can be classic silk ties in solid colors or even patterned bow ties (assuming your dad wears those). 

Another excellent accessory you can add to his wardrobe is a belt made from premium leather. The leather will come in various finishes, from brown to sleek black. You can choose one that will make him look more stylish and allow it to blend in with the rest of his wardrobe. 

Also, you could consider getting Dad a watch. It can be something with a touch of class and elegance, or it could be something great for everyday wear and versatile in any setting. You don't have to break the bank to get a sophisticated accessory that Dad can appreciate for a long time. 

Statement Outerwear 

If Dad wants to make a fashion statement, he's welcome to do that, and we won't judge you here. Regarding outerwear, it may be an excellent idea to consider classic blazers or jackets since they have a timeless appeal that Dad can appreciate for a long time. A tailored blazer will be fantastic for formal occasions, while a casual coat might be just what he needs for everyday wear. 

If you live where the weather gets cooler, why not get a sweater or a cardigan just for him? Not only will it keep him warm, but it will also be one of those fashionable and practical gifts. It will be something he can wear and appreciate for a long time. It will also be great for him to wear for holiday get-togethers or just stepping outside on a crisp, cool fall day. 

Final Thoughts 

Father's Day no longer has to be one of those days where finding a gift for him is a challenge. We've covered you here at Berle if you're looking for his wardrobe ideas. Don't wait; you might get a special offer for Father's Day on what is in stock. Check out our store today and see how we can help you.