How to Care for Corduroy Garments

If you own corduroy garments, odds are you’re wondering how to care for them properly. This guide will show you how to get it done. The thing with different fabrics is that each of them don’t come with equal care instructions. 

Some of them can only be washed in cold water. Others can handle hot water. Some may not be suitable for good old-fashioned washing and drying and may resort to dry cleaning. 

But what about corduroy garments? How can they be cared for properly? Keep reading this guide and you’ll be armed with the know-how of taking care of the corduroy in your wardrobe. Let’s get started. 

How to wash corduroy 

To begin, let’s determine whether or not it's appropriate to wash corduroy. Here’s the thing: it’s a material that can be delicate so you need to be gentle with it. Especially when it comes to your pair of Berle’s Charleston Khakis 12 Wale Corduroy. Let’s take a look at some things you need to look at before washing them:  

  • Check the care label: This should always be your go-to before you even take care of them properly. Manufacturers may have specific instructions that may cater to the construction and the fabric blend.  
  • Turn them inside out: Because corduroy is textured, you want to turn the garment inside out prior to washing it. The reason for this is to minimize friction between itself and the other clothing in the washer - which otherwise will cause surface damage.  
  • Use mild detergent: As mentioned, corduroy is delicate. So it would make sense to use a mild detergent to ensure that the fabric maintains its color and softness. Detergents with harsh chemicals will do harm to it. 
  • Cold or lukewarm water: Corduroy can handle either cold or lukewarm water. If you wash it in hot water, it will shrink. Cold water will be useful for best results as it will prevent color bleeding. 
  • Don’t overload the machine: It’s important to give your corduroy garments enough space to move around in the washer. Overcrowding will cause friction and eventual damage. If needed, place them in a laundry bag that is made from mesh to avoid this from happening. 

How to dry corduroy 

While the washing process is careful, so will the drying process. Maintaining the integrity of corduroy will be necessary at the stage. Let’s take a look at the following instructions pertaining to drying: 

  • Air dry is the best way: Drying corduroy the best way will be by way of air drying. To do this, you want to lay the garment flat on a dry, clean towel. This will ensure that the ridges of the fabric don’t get distorted. 
  • Avoid direct sunlight: Think sunlight will be helpful in the drying process? It actually won’t. If it’s exposed for a lengthy period of time, the color may fade and won’t look as rich as it did. That’s the last thing you need with a pair of Berle’s corduroy trousers 
  • If it’s the dryer, go low: While air drying will be the best option, it may get to a point where using the dryer may be your other resort. In that case, consider running it on the lowest heat setting possible. Once again, high heat will cause the material to shrink. You can also consider tossing a clean towel with the garment as a moisture barrier so it will dry faster. 
  • Remove promptly: Once the drying process is complete, you want to remove it from the dryer as soon as possible. The same goes from the drying area itself. The reason is it will prevent wrinkling while maintaining its original shape. 

Storage and maintenance 

Finally, storage and maintenance is all part of the care process. With this in mind, it’s important to take these into consideration: 

  • Use padded hangers: It’s important to use hangers that are padded or fabric-covered. This will ensure the garment shape is maintained accordingly. 
  • Don’t overcrowd it with other clothes: Corduroy garments should be able to have breathing space. Meaning don’t store it close to other garments so it won’t wrinkle. 
  • Brush accordingly: Use a soft-bristled clothing brush for dust, lint, and surface debris removal. Doing this regularly will keep the fabric looking fresh. 

Final thoughts 

If you want to care for your corduroy garments, this may be the only guide you need. We hope these tips help you in the long run. Want to see what other corduroy garments will be great for your wardrobe? Check out Berle today and we’ll show you what we got.