How to Pair a Winter Coat with a Suit

Winter weather means making changes to what you’ll be wearing on a regular basis. That’s because you’ll need to wear something that is appropriate for the season. It is important to know what to wear in almost every setting imaginable. 

If you’re wearing a suit - be it in an office setting or a formal event - it is possible to pair it with a winter coat. This guide will show you how to do that step-by-step. We’ll also provide you with a couple of ideas of what you can wear if you want to mix things up a bit. 

Ready to get started with this guide? Here we go. 

Why is pairing a winter coat with a suit important? 

The obvious answer to this question is warmth. You want to keep warm when the weather is much colder. Wearing a suit on its own will not keep you protected from the elements. 

That’s why it’s always important to wear a winter coat that will cover most of your suit (depending upon the length of the coat itself). Granted, you could put together a suit that will be winter-appropriate in terms of fabric layers. For example, Berle’s Wool Flannel Flat Front Pants can be great as part of the suit you’re wearing. 

If you wear darker-colored versions of those and similar pants, it will blend in quite nicely. After putting together a suit that fits your needs, you want to find a winter coat like a trench coat or an overcoat that will create that additional outer layer to keep you warm. Be sure to find one that will be the best fit for your body type. 

Focus on Color Coordination 

Of course, one of the things to make pairing a success is making sure the colors are coordinated properly. When wearing a suit, typically you’ll want to aim for colors including black, charcoal, or navy. These will seamlessly complement a wide number of winter coat shades. 

You can also aim for Earthy tones like dark brown, camel, or olive - which are all excellent choices for winter coats. Not to mention, it offers an excellent contrast against the suit. Whichever you prefer, you can find a winter coat that will not only keep you warm but will make you look stylish. 

Consider the Fabric

If your suit is made from wool or other lightweight fabrics, it’s important to make sure you choose a winter coat that has similar insulation properties. If you wear a suit that is made from thicker materials, then you want to choose a winter coat that isn’t too bulky while providing you with enough warmth. You may be wearing a thicker suit jacket with trousers like Berle’s 8 Wale Luxury Italian Corduroy trousers.  

Accessorize Accordingly 

When a winter jacket is paired with a suit, it may make sense to utilize accessories when necessary. This can include a stylish scarf, leather gloves, and if possible a hat that can add that touch of flair and warmth. These should be coordinated with the color palette of your suit and coat to ensure a look that is cohesive and polished. 

Adapting to Formal and Casual Settings 

Here’s the thing: formal and casual settings should not be one in the same. So choosing a winter coat for the right situation will be a plus. For example, the tried and true classic overcoat will always be the perfect choice if you’re going for something formal. 

However, if you’re aiming for casual, a tailored pea coat or quilted jacket could be the best possible choice. So choose accordingly based on the setting you’re going to be in. And finally, be sure to choose a coat that fits your needs and preferences in terms of size, color, and length (among many others). 

Don’t Forget the Footwear 

Obviously, footwear should never be forgotten when it comes to putting together the perfect winter suit ensemble. Gone should be the lightweight shoes. Instead, go for sturdier options including leather boots or brogues. These can be excellent options that will give you not just excellent insulation, but also a rugged overall appearance that you might appreciate. 


Pairing your suit with a winter coat may be a challenge at first. But now you can easily do it based on the tips we’ve provided. If you want to find new additions to your winter wardrobe, check out what Berle has for your personal needs and preferences today.