Investing In Quality Clothing is an Ethical Win

In the fashion world, people see fast fashion as a popular option. Because of its mass production and low-cost appeal, its quality typically comes into question. Environmental and ethical concerns also arise as well.

However, it is important to note that quality clothing will be the best option. Investing in improving your personal style is one thing. However, investing in good quality is even better.

This guide will explain why quality clothing over fast fashion will win almost every single time. It will also help you make informed decisions going forward about the way you shop for clothes - both in-store and online. Let’s discuss the important points about quality clothing and fast fashion that no one seems to talk about these days.

Fast Fashion: What’s The Conundrum?

Fast fashion relies on quick turnovers. For this reason, environmental concerns arise constantly. Specifically, pollution, textile waste, and depletion of resources are the issues that occur. On top of this, the likelihood of exploitative labor practices is often discussed as well - giving way to the questions of ethics.

The affordable price tags may look good on paper. However, fast fashion comes with hidden costs. Since such clothing may not last a long time, it can contribute to landfill waste - which creates potentially long-term environmental challenges.

At Berle, we are not believers in fast fashion. We believe in excellent quality in every piece of clothing we make.  This includes our tailored trousers that will make a man look their best.

What Are the Benefits of Investing in Quality Clothing

The benefits of investing in quality clothing are worth every penny. Because choosing timeless pieces of clothing over something trendy is not just environmentally sustainable, but financially sound in the long-run. Let’s take a look at the following benefits you can experience:

You’ll save more money

Think about it for a moment - low-quality clothing has a short life cycle. You wear it, wash it, dry it, and repeat the process many times until it wears and tears after a short period of time. Then you purchase more clothes where it will repeat the same process.

Compare it to better quality clothes that will last a long time (with proper care). You’ll be able to wear them again and again as if you bought them the same day. Whether it’s Berle’s casual pants or something else - you’ll invest in excellent quality and style that will last you a long time.

Waste reduction

The longer a piece of clothing lasts, the better. Likewise, it will be less wasteful. Low-quality clothes that are worn down or torn can pile up over time. 

With better quality clothes, you are able to keep materials out of landfills and remain in your closet for as long as possible. You can still wear them if and when the time is right. Whether it’s casual, formal, or somewhere in between - it pays to wear good quality over fast fashion any day of the week.

You’ll feel good about yourself

Who says you can’t feel good about saving the environment while looking your best? When you wear something that is in good quality, you know that you’re doing your part to be environmentally and ethically conscious. You’ll feel good knowing that every piece of clothing is made with care - not at a fast pace where speed matters and not quality. 

Think about this - if mass-produced clothing is made at a faster rate, quality control is lacking. It’s true. Quality clothes are made when the production methods are done in a careful manner. Something that was made in a hurry may fall apart sooner rather than later.

A long-lasting trust in brands

If you purchase clothes that last a long time, you will trust the brand. You will even be loyal to it. It’s as if you don’t want to wear another brand at all. 

If it’s made with excellent quality and by ethical and environmental standards that are positive - then that’s certainly a brand you can invest in for years to come. Fast fashion is looking to make a quick buck with style and flash - but they don’t bother telling you the hidden truths.


Quality clothing will yield excellent results both for your wallet and the environment. At Berle, we are committed to making sure that our brand is the one you trust for several reasons. We make quality one of our strongest pillars while making you look your best.

Check out what we have to offer in our store today. Because looking your best should never come at the expense of the environment or ethics.