Men's Clothing Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is just around the corner—and you haven’t done your shopping yet. But there’s no reason to panic. If you do a little bit of browsing here at Berle, you can find great clothing ideas for that man who’s hard to shop for. Here’s a quick men’s clothing Christmas gift guide to help you get started.

A Gift for Every Season: Charleston Khakis

But which Charleston Khakis should you select if you want to get the Christmas gift just right? Here are a few suggestions:If you want to buy someone a pair of pants that they can wear just about any time of the year, you’ll have no trouble with Charleston Khakis. These are versatile, classic khakis that offer the “southern gentleman” look for a variety of outfit styles—from business down to casual.

  • For casual comfort, go for the Charleston Khakis in Stretch Twill. These are made from a cotton-spandex blend that offers flexibility for everyday situations. They’re ideal for running errands, wearing around the house, or dressing up and enjoying a comfortable day outdoors.
  • For suit-ready Charleston Khakis, go with the Charleston Khakis Washed and Pleated. Pleated pants tend to hold the silhouette well when seated, which is especially important for a conference room setting. That’s why they make a great accompaniment for business trips or weekdays around the office.
  • For the texture-conscious, try the Charleston Khakis in Fine Line Poplin. Why these? The 100% cotton construction is comfortable while the poplin construction creates a classic khaki texture that’s great for anyone putting together a traditional outfit.

Tailored Trousers

What if you want to offer a fancy gift that someone in your life can use for the most important occasions? What if you want something that will have the perfect fit right out of the box? The answer for both questions is to turn to our tailored trousers section for great-fitting pants you can always enjoy. Here are some tips for selecting the right pair:

  • Find his fit. Getting the fit right should be done on the sly, so you don’t give away your gift idea. If you’re buying pants for someone you live with, you can always sneak a gander at their favorite trousers for the essential measurements like waist and inseam. Input these measurements when ordering online with us, and you’ll be amazed how well they can turn out.
  • Try to find something that they don’t already own. For example, the Stretch Black & White Houndstooth Check pants are formal, dressy, and not everyone will have them in their wardrobe—which is what makes them such a unique gift! With 98% worsted wool and 2% spandex, they can be surprisingly forgiving when it comes to everyday comfort as well.

More Great Clothing Gifts at Berle

Finding the right choice of Christmas gift isn’t always easy, especially when you have so many options. Consider the gift recipient and match the gift to their personality, and you should have no trouble. For more essential men’s Christmas gift ideas, browse all the collections here at Berle!