Men's Fashion Tips For Rainy Days

Having the right style with well-fitting clothes is the perfect way to look the part of a well-put together adult. But just when you have the  hang of it, life throws you a curveball: bad weather. The most common form of Mother Nature’s attempts to drench your wardrobe is with rain.

Some people let the rain ruin their day. They fret about their soaked clothes, slip on concrete because they’re running to their car, and generally act like the sky is falling. Relax. Only water is falling. And if you follow these men's fashion tips for rainy days, you can proceed with your normal, relaxed, confident day.

Check the Weather

Knowledge is power. When it comes to the weather, our knowledge can be somewhat limited, but that  shouldn’t stop you from paying attention to the rain. You might invest in a radio alarm clock and set the  alarm  to turn on the local weather station so that you’ll always have an idea about the forecast. The key?  Don’t be  caught by surprise. Be ready.

The First Line of Defense: An Umbrella

Buy a cheap umbrella or two and have them ready at most of your main daily checkpoints. An umbrella  under  the desk at work and an umbrella in the car might sound like overkill, but most local stores will offer  you an  umbrella for just a few bucks. Yes, an umbrella can be an extension of your personal style, but for  now the  purpose is just to keep you dry.

Invest in Rain Gear 

You don’t need to dress like a construction worker to keep your clothes dry. If you have a snappy wardrobe  thanks to shops like Berle, all you need to do is invest in a couple of items that will serve as a boundary  between you and the wet weather:

  • A light rain jacket is important here – something you can throw on over your usual work clothes. You could opt for clothes that are optimized to wick away moisture, but a rain jacket will do the job more efficiently while protecting your cotton button-downs.
  • Moisture-resistant boots or shoes should be an integral part of your wardrobe. You’ll also want to be careful not to wear leather on days that are supposed to be wet, or any other material that’s especially vulnerable to moisture.

Added Tip: If you’ve secured a pair of khaki trousers from Berle, you can protect them from the rain by cuffing them a few inches above your shoes. This will keep the bottom of your pants dry and have you arriving at your destination looking as fresh as always.


Don’t Overreact

The rain is just that – a few drops of water as you move from your car to your office, or run your daily errands. There’s really no reason it has to stop you – and it certainly doesn’t have to stop you from looking stylish. Cuff your pants, pull in the sleeves, acquire a couple of rain-friendly wardrobe items, and you’ll be ready to look the part of a southern gentleman as always.