Modern Pants Styles for Men

Men’s fashion evolves more slowly than that of women’s fashion, especially when it comes to pants. But it evolves nevertheless, and many men are caught off guard when they find their pants are no longer “it”.

Today, let’s break down some modern pants styles for men. We’ll explore both casual and more semiformal trouser options so you always have an option for your outfit ready to go.


Don’t laugh – joggers are definitely in fashion these days, especially if you’re into athleisure. This comfy and stylish pants style is perfect for casual men who need something for lounging around the house, heading to the grocery store, or even challenging expectations at a semiformal event.

Pair these with a long-line sweater or a T-shirt if you want to maximize your laid-back aesthetic. Alternatively, combine your joggers with white sneakers and an office shirt for a new look that will definitely draw attention.

Corduroy Trousers

Corduroy trousers are back in fashion and are no longer relegated to academic halls or college campuses. In fact, corduroy trousers can be a great way to make a statement. These trousers are made of cord: a cotton or wool twisted/woven textile that produces parallel lines called wales. The resulting trousers are incredibly durable and fairly warm, making them perfect for the start of the academic season in fall.

Berle’s Corduroy Trousers line is an excellent representation of this pants style. We offer pairs of Wale Luxury trousers in several different colors and in both flat front and pleated types.

Drawstring Trousers

Men with a flair for sportswear will find drawstring trousers a perfect combination for their personalities and aesthetic tastes. As opposed to regular sweatpants, drawstring trousers have a nicer trim, making them perfect for lounging at home or for casual meet-ups in style.

In fact, you can now find tailored drawstring trousers in materials such as jersey, linen, and wool for any type of weather or temperature. Combine them with a similarly casual shirt or even a casual coat and you'll be set for any relaxing get-together with friends.

Cotton Twill Pants with Some Stretch

Twill chinos are excellent choice for men who are looking for reliable and durable leg wear. Cotton twill is a very traditional and heavy-duty material that will last for years to come when taken care of properly.

More importantly for your aesthetics, cotton twill pants form diagonal parallel ridges that are perfect for office or nontraditional workspaces alike. That said, these are far from casual trousers, so it’s best to pair them with a T-shirt and casual shoes. Add a denim jacket or an overshirt for a little more complexity to the style.

Check out Berle’s Cotton Twill pants for some great examples of these trousers, including our Charleston Khakis options available in colors ranging from navy to green to red.

Cropped Trousers

Once a sign that you didn’t know how to size your trousers properly, cropped trousers or ankle swingers are now fully in fashion. They’re great for letting your ankles breathe in the hot summer months while also highlighting your shoes.

Cropped trousers are great for formal or semiformal settings, particularly if you go with cropped chinos in sandy or beige colors. You can combine these with all kinds of shirts or jackets for practically any type of look, including blazers, roll necks, or even collared t-shirts.

Linen Trousers

Need pants that will keep you cool both in terms of temperature and fashion? Linen trousers are the way to go. Modern designers now offer linen trousers in a variety of trims, shapes, and colors. Linen blends are practical, less prone to creases, and ideal for combining with a plain T-shirt and sneakers for a relaxed, casual, and ultimately cool look.

Berle’s Classic Linen Pants are perfect representations of these trousers. Available in regular rise and modern fit variations, our linen pants are breathable, classy, and great for hot summertime weather.

Cargo Pants

Last but not least are cargo pants, which are making yet another comeback in men’s fashion. Cargo trousers should be fitted appropriately so they don’t look too baggy. When worn right, they’re great for giving off an urban or rugged vibe with your outfit. Pair them with some great boots and a sweater and you'll look fashionable; this look is perfect for a first date, a college campus event, or a meet-up with your buddies.

There are an abundance of modern pants styles for men. Choose your favorites and don’t forget to check out Berle for anything you need when it comes to tailored trousers for men.