Performance Dress Pants: 4 Reasons to Get a Pair Today

“A pair of pants is a pair of pants. They’re all the same.” You might have heard that. Sometimes, it’s true. But we’re willing to bet that if you’ve heard them before, these complaints came from someone who hasn’t tried a pair of men’s performance dress pants.

The simple fact is, not all dress pants are made the same. Some offer more quality and craftsmanship than others. And in the case of Performance Dress Pants, there are specific reasons you’ll definitely want to keep a pair in your wardrobe.

Reason #1: Anti-clutz properties.

If you’re the type to spill the occasional glass of juice on yourself, then investing in a pair of performance trousers like these Flat Front Khakis isn’t just a wise move. It may just be an essential piece in your wardrobe.

The wrinkle and stain-resistant quality of these pants provide a barrier—both literal and metaphorical. The barrier against stains is obvious; the barrier between you and the occasional bout of clumsiness might be even more important.

Reason #2: Always look the part.

When you hear a phrase like “Performance,” part of you expects that the dress pants will look more gym-appropriate than office-appropriate. But Performance Dress Pants including our Pleated Khakis look every bit the part.

Not only can you pair these trousers with suit jackets and blazers up top, but you’re free to pick out from a range of colors including navy, khaki, and white to ensure that everything matches up properly. And with self-sizing including rise, inseam, and even the bottom finish, you can receive your pants just the way you like them.

Reason #3: Durability for extended travel.

You might have noticed us mention wrinkle resistance earlier on. There’s a reason for that. The wrinkle resistance of these men’s pants means less ironing, less attention, and less maintenance—all while maintaining that crisp look you associate with dress pants.

The major advantage here is in travel. If you pack your dress pants for vacation with the family or on a business trip, you can expect that they’ll hold up even while stocked away in the deepest recesses of your luggage. Although these pants don’t cost more than any quality pair of trousers, that fact alone can be worth the price of admission.

Reason #4: More bang for your buck.

Speaking of affordability: our Performance Dress Pants may give you additional armor against the elements of everyday work and travel—but that doesn’t mean they’ll hurt you in the wallet, either. These pants offer additional performance while the prices stay very much in the realm of affordability—even if you’re just starting out with a new wardrobe.

That means more stain resistance, more wrinkle resistance, and better overall comfort and mobility without an increased price. The result: more bang for your buck.

When a quality pair of pants last long, hold up against wrinkles, and keep you ready for job interviews, office work, and formal events, it’s tough to consider them an ordinary purchase. To us, they look more like a sound investment.