The Ultimate Guide to Seersucker Trousers Pants

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At Berle, we're proud to offer some of the best seersucker trousers on the market today. Featuring a breathable, lightweight seersucker made with 100% cotton, these pants are perfect for hot summer days and offer a unique style. Shop today, and learn more about what makes seersucker pants so great below!

Seersucker Trousers, Pleated


Seersucker Trousers, Flat Front


What Is Seersucker?

  • “a printed cotton or synthetic fabric that has a surface consisting of puckered and flat sections, typically in a striped pattern.”
  • The greatest thing since sliced bread. See: sliced bread.

Okay, maybe we made up one of those definitions, but the point remains: seersucker is an essential fabric in any wardrobe. Like other patterns and weaves, seersucker is derived from cotton—but its similarities with other fabrics end there. Anyone who’s worn seersucker trousers knows that this material features a unique texture—the aforementioned “puckered and flat sections” are the trademark of seersucker that helps you distinguish it from any old cotton blend.

Some questions remain, however. What exactly does seersucker do that makes it an essential in any man’s wardrobe…and what are the implications on when seersucker is the most appropriate to wear?

Seersucker Flat Front Pants

Seersucker Pant, Pleated (Light Blue)


Seersucker Plant, Pleated (British Tan)



Take a look at these Seersucker Flat Front Pants to get an idea of what to expect with seersucker. Their lightweight, trim, and feature many of the same properties as cotton because, well, it is cotton.

To understand what seersucker is all about, however, we’ll have to travel back in time. The word “Seersucker” gets its origins from Persian, including the words “Sheer” and “Shakar,” which translate, oddly enough, as “milk and sugar.” If you’ve ever seen seersucker up close you know why this is: the offsetting stripes provide an interesting contrast, almost making it appeared wrinkled and old.

There’s a method to the madness, however, in that the seersucker pattern doesn’t stick to the skin; it keeps air moving by keeping the fabric off of the body, which means seersucker is an ideal light fabric pattern for summer—or any time the sun’s beating down on you, for that matter. In cooler months, the properties of seersucker lose some of their heat-beating magic, but it can really be worn in just about any season depending on your local climate.

The Seersucker Aesthetic

Seersucker is a favorite for men who want to dress up their casual look—it works with everything from shorts to seersucker suits. Seersucker suits are a particular favorite down south where it’s imperative to beat the heat while maintaining the local dress code.

A common design in seersucker is the familiar “milk and sugar” striped pattern, but seersucker doesn’t necessarily have to be boldly striped. Our Seersucker Pleated Trousers are more subtle than most, giving the far-away appearance of any other type of khaki. The trained eye, of course, will recognize the trademark seersucker texture and will applaud your sartorial knowledge.

But seersucker isn’t just for showing off; it’s for enjoying the heat with a fabric that will keep breathing. Because it’s cotton, seersucker is light and easy to wear; it’s usually as comfortable as some of your favorite cotton standards, from T-shirts to shorts. The added bonus? Seersucker can sometimes look a little more “formal,” helping you give the appearance of dressing up when, really, you just want to be comfortable. If only more fabrics worked like that.

Get yourself a pair of comfortable seersucker pants from the collection at Berle. We are the experts in all things that are pants, and we guarantee a perfect fit with our complimentary hemming option.