Summer Guide to Men’s Golf Fashion

With summer around the corner, it might also be the best time to get a game in at your favorite golf course. The question is, what are you going to wear? Whether you're starting to enjoy the game or are a seasoned player, you might be looking for ideas to look good on the course while sharpening your game. 

This guide we will be looking at will give you tips on how to stay calm, comfortable, and stylish while hitting the 18 holes. Whether it's a warm day or a little bit on the cool side, we've got you covered. Now, consider what you need to know about men's golf fashion this summer. 

Go with Light, Breathable Fabrics 

First and foremost, it's important to note that the summers will be primarily warm wherever you may be. For this reason, you must find suitable fabrics to stay on top of your game without feeling like you're suffocating. We highly recommend choosing fabrics such as cotton, polyester blends, or technical fabrics designed to wick away moisture from your body. A fail-safe will always be cotton, as it can also be a classic option for your shirts and bottoms. 

Berle has its own pair of golf shorts that you can take a look at, including our favorites, the Microfiber Flat Front Shorts and the Heatered Micro/Poly Flat Front Self-Sizers. Both of these will be excellent options for pairing with shirts that feature breathable fabrics. Let's not forget that the same fabrics are also featured on the shorts that we offer. 

Either way, choose a fabric that will keep you cool, whether the days are hot and humid or just a bit comfortable. Keep in mind that you want to find golf shirts that will provide you with built-in UV protection, especially when you spend long periods outdoors and the sunshine is abundant. 

Find the Perfect Fit 

Obviously, you'll need to look for the perfect fit. It may make or break your golf attire. You want to find something that will not only be an excellent fit but also give you a full range of motion. There's no reason why you should go for anything that is too baggy or too tight. So, what would be an excellent option for you when it comes to finding the perfect fit? 

First, we highly recommend that you find slim-fit polo shirts as they can be modern in terms of look and tailor. You'll look flattering while not feeling restricted in terms of moving at the same time. You can pair these polo shirts with a pair of classic chinos or shorts if you want a classic look.

If you are looking for a classic fit, you can find a shirt that will be more of your style while giving you a relaxing, comfortable fit. This can be great for pairing with golf shorts and similar bottoms so you can move while you swing without feeling restricted to the point where it hurts your game.  

Choosing the Right Colors  

One of the most overlooked options is color. In the summertime, it's important to steer clear of dark colors, as the sun's rays will penetrate them and cause you to feel like you are overheating. As such, you want to look for bright and bold colors such as mint green, sky blue, and sunny yellow as the go-to options, especially for your tops. Not only that, but it's the kind of color that screams summer vibes. 

Of course, if bold colors aren't your style, there are always the classic neutrals, including white and gray. Even though navy is another neutral color, too dark of a color just might be a little bit much. Nonetheless, you want to find something versatile that can be easily mixed and matched with other brighter pieces. 

Use Accessories If You Want To 

Of course, adding accessories to your golf attire can be an excellent option. However, some might be necessary. One of them is a hat since it will be designed to protect you from the sun, especially your face. At the same time, sunglasses for eye protection will also be excellent when it comes to shielding you from the glare of the sun. Consider investing in polarized lenses so you can maintain or improve your vision while you are playing a round of golf.  

Final Thoughts 

If you're working to put together the perfect golf attire this summer, the ideas we've just suggested in this guide might be the best options for you. Get a pair of golf shorts that will match the top you're going with. Check out what Berle has in stock by visiting our store to see what's available.