What is Tropical Wool?

The world of fashion features all kinds of different fabric. Wool is one that has been associated with warmth in cooler temperatures. However, tropical wool turns the overall purpose on its head.  

We’ll discuss what tropical wool is and how it can go great with different ensembles. In today’s world of fashion, you’ll see unconventional types of fabric become more popular. Tropical wool could be something you wear in the summertime. 

You may be wondering if we’ve gone crazy. On the contrary, we will explain why this kind of wool is worth wearing even on warmer days. Let’s cut to the chase and get started. 

So what exactly is tropical wool? 

Have you ever noticed that regular wool is a bit thick and heavy? That’s because it has insulation properties that will keep you warm, particularly in the bitter cold. Tropical wool is different.  

It’s lighter in weight and has excellent breathability. Which means you can wear it year-round, even on hot and humid days. That’s right, you can wear a type of wool that will keep you cool even if the weather isn’t cold at all. 

Not bad, right? You can put together a suit that is made from this material. For example, find a coat and even a pair of Berle’s Polyester Wool Tropical trousers.  

If you’re tired of having to sacrifice personal style because it may not be climate appropriate, there’s good news. Tropical wool could be the go-to fabric. 

What are the characteristics of tropical wool? 

Tropical wool comes with plenty of excellent characteristics. As you may have noticed, it’s not like traditional wool in the slightest. Clothes made from this materials will feature the following: 


As mentioned, one of the best characteristics for tropical wool include breathability. With excellent air circulation, you’ll experience feeling a little more cooler and less overheated - even in hot and humid conditions. They don’t call it tropical wool for nothing. 

The good news is that you can wear this year-round. Meaning it won’t feel so out of place wearing wool (or at least a type of it) any time after winter. 


Another thing we’ve mentioned was that tropical wool is lighter than its traditional counterpart. The main reason is its fibers are much finer plus they are weaved differently. As such, it becomes one of the better options for formal or casual wear. 

A rule of thumb to abide by: lightweight means more breathability. If you’re wearing something light, you won’t have to worry about sweating to death. You can feel comfortable knowing that you won't feel weighed down by the weather. 

Even if you are wearing something to the office, wearing a pair of Berle’s lightweight wool pants just might be the best option. Dress casual or professional attire doesn’t have to be limited by the weather conditions of a certain time of year. 

Wrinkle resistant 

If you hate wrinkles, we understand you loud and clear. Here’s the excellent news: tropical wool is one material that won’t give you that problem. This fabric will shape well and be excellent for those who hate ironing out wrinkles (or dealing with them a lot). 

Even better, this will make packing them in a suitcase or garment bag a lot easier. Travelers rejoice! Especially the ones who want to look sharp on business trips and impress clients.  

How to include tropical wool in your attire? 

There are more than a few different application ideas for applying tropical wool to your attire. Want to know of some ideas? Let’s take a look at the following: 

Suits and blazers 

If you are looking for excellent material for a suit or blazer - especially for those outdoor formals - this is the go-to material. It’s sophisticated, polished, and you’ll feel like a million bucks without feeling like you’re in a sauna for hours on end. 

Trousers and shorts 

You can go for something that will be business-casual or smart-casual with a pair of shorts or trousers made from this material. Relaxed or tailor-fit, its versatility makes tropical wool excellent to wear. You’ll feel comfortable and move around without the worry of restriction. 


Whether it’s hats or scarves, tropical wool could be great to wear. These accessories add a touch of luxury while giving you the comfortable feel it provides. 


Tropical wool has its advantages as being lightweight, comfortable, and classy. Berle has trousers of this material you need to feel and look your best. If you’re looking for something that will really make the perfect addition to your wardrobe, check out what Berle has to offer today.