Hand-tailored with fine, luxurious fabrics from around the world, Berle emphasizes quality and ensures superior craftsmanship by manufacturing its trousers at the finest factories around the world. Each collection comes with a variety of special features like our signature brass metal zipper, watch pocket, Italian waistband and pocketing, a true two-piece french fly, authentic Corozo buttons and more.


Southern hospitality is something you will never find in short supply at Berle. As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves in going the extra mile for our customers. If you need something special, our customer service representatives are the best in the business, or so we've been told.


Here at Berle, making trousers is nothing new. As the oldest family-owned trouser manufacturer in the United States still in the hands of the same family, we've been outfitting our customers for more than 70 years. In that time, we feel like we've perfected the art of making and delivering the best pair of trousers available today.


From cottons to the finest wools and everything in between, Berle apparel comes in a selection of models. A variety of patterns, styles, colors and weights are also available to provide a man with the perfect look for any setting. We also boast one of the largest selection of "fancy" trousers in the industry.


When you wear Berle or Charleston Khakis, you'll always make a statement whether you're sporting a classic design that never goes out of style or a trendy look in touch with the times. Berle designers take the lead each season with attractive and current designs that allow men to project confidence and success in any setting.