Spring Trousers: 5 Pairs You Absolutely Need

It’s officially Spring, which means you’re already running out of time to acquire the very best of Spring/Summer options from Berle. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered: not only will we describe exactly how to get away with brighter colors in your Spring wardrobe, but we’ll hook you up with a few of our favorite Spring and Summer selections:

The Rules of Springtime Fashion

If you’ve never been much of a “seasonal dresser” before, we don’t blame you. Many people aren’t. If you live in a stable climate, you never have to do much differentiation between spring and summer or fall and winter. But if you want to continue this bad habit now that you’re aware of that? Well, we can’t let that fly.

Spring is different than the other seasons, plain and simple. And you need to dress the part. Get rid of the thick winter sweaters and the heavy knits. The weather’s looking better—and you need to look better, too. Here are a few rules for making that happen:

  • Light colors and pastels. If you want to know what kind of colors you can get away with in Spring, consider the example of Easter eggs. Lavenders, baby blues, pinks—they’re all fair game when spring rolls around.
  • Keep it fun. Wearing a power suit of all black every single day? You might want to mix it up a little. Include navy blazers and even tan-colored blazers. Wear navy blue sneakers and casual shoes. Mix up any outfit with more white.

Spring is a light, casual season—it usually calls for light, casual clothes. Still stuck? We’ve got you covered.

Five Trousers to Choose this Spring

  • Charleston Brick Khakis – This is the exact kind of color we were talking about in the previous section: light, fun, and seasonally-appropriate. You can dress this up with whites, navies, and even browns…or you can dress it down and keep it casual. It’s Spring, after all—you should feel comfortable no matter what you choose.
  • Basic Flat Front Khakis – Okay, fine. We’re cheating. These khakis work at just about any point in the year—except maybe after Labor Day, and even we don’t buy that usual “no white after Labor Day” line. These khakis are light, durable, and match perfectly with just about any light spring color you want to throw at them.
  • Seersucker Flat Front – The subtle striping comes in one of the “Easter egg” colors which we talked about before. With white, it blends into a sort of baby blue that’s perfect for spring.
  • Prime Poplin Pleated – Not everything this spring is going to be casual. You’ll need something that’s a little more office and power-suit ready. This pleated prime poplin trouser is the perfect springtime addition.
  • Patch Madras Short Flat Front – Yeah, we’re cheating again. These are actually shorts. But let’s face it: the arrival of Spring means warmer temperatures and, eventually, full-length trousers aren’t going to be as comfortable as they are today.

Which trouser is right for you? Hint: it’s the one you don’t have yet. If you don’t have any of them, well—maybe it’s time you get to shopping.