Patterned Shorts: An Absolute Need This Summer

Summer’s almost here, and you can bet that just about every other guy there is readying his summer wardrobe. And while the classics always look good—your khakis, your monochromatic shorts, and the like—sometimes, it’s great to buck the trend a little bit and wear something a little more interesting.

That’s why we recommend you turn to patterned shorts. Not only will these allow you to separate yourself from the herd, but you’ll look good while doing it. Here are some of our favorite recommendations:


Seersucker Short – Flat Front

“Seersucker” is one of those summer-y words that you’ve probably heard but never really looked into. Fortunately for you, we’ve done all of the work in making this a summer-ready short. You just need to wear it.

  • The pattern: light stripes
  • The details: Lightweight seersucker, available in three different light breezy colors, and featuring a 9” inseam.
  • Why you need them: Seersucker is one of the most quintessential fabric weaves around. Made from 100% cotton, it’s light, breathable, and substantial without being stuffy. With a longer inseam, you’ll have a pair of shorts that’s casual but perfectly capable of handling more formal events as well.
  • What to wear with them: Oxford cloth button downs, polos, T-shirts, and long-sleeve T-shirts on cool days. And for shoes, you can’t go wrong with white suede buckinghams in the classic summer sockless look.

Patch Madras – Flat Front

There’s nothing that says summer fun like Patch Madras, yet there’s something strangely orderly and tasteful about it when paired with the right clothes.

  • The pattern: Patch Madras
  • The details: The authentic Patch Madras pattern is visually engaging without clashing. Like the Seersucker short, this features a 9” inseam and 100% cotton fabric.
  • Why you need them: What, the words “Patch Madras” weren’t enough? Fine. Madras is one of the most fun patterns you can wear and when you dress them right, you’ll have no problem standing out from the usual crowd of khaki cargo shorts.
  • What to wear with them: Just about anything short of a tuxedo on top.Try to stick to a sockless look with brown boat shoes for some simple color contrast.

Patch Madras - Pleated

  • The pattern: Patch Madras
  • The details: Does a 9” inseam and 100% cotton sound familiar? The main difference between this short and the above offering is in the pleats.
  • Why you need them: Unlike the offering above, this pair of shorts is pleated, allowing you to wear them while sitting without losing that trim silhouette. The relaxed fit is better for guys with thicker legs—and if you have longer legs, you won’t mind those 9” inseams, either.
  • What to wear with them: Try to keep it a touch more formal—button-downs are an especially apt choice. A crisp white cotton button down is not only light and cool in summer, but plays perfectly off of the busier colors going on here. Either boat shoes or buckinghams will work here as well.

How to Shop for Summer Shorts

You don’t have to stick exclusively with patterns. There are a whole range of fashionable shorts you can find at Berle—whether you need a pattern or a versatile khaki. Either way, you’re sure to look good when summer finally arrives.