Essential Dress, Washed & Cotton Khakis for 2016

The khaki itself is one of the most essential wardrobe items since the invention of...well, pants themselves. There’s nothing more versatile in the entire wardrobe, nothing equally capable of pulling off a smart office-ready look or keeping it casual around the house.

Perhaps it’s appropriate then that there are a few categories of essentials that you need to know. These essentials won’t only add to the versatility of your wardrobe, but they’ll help you stretch out your clothing budget into more and more outfits so you never have to wear the same thing twice in a row. Don’t believe us? Consider these essential khakis for 2016:

Flat Front Dress Khakis

It all starts here. The light khaki color, the flat front, the relaxed fit that gives off a tapered silhouette—there’s nothing more essential than a dress khaki that you can wear to work. You can pair this with a navy blazer for an important office meeting or a family get-together, you can add a polo shirt for a trip to the golf course, or you can dress it down to run a few errands. It may be in the “dressy” category, but like all khakis, it’s versatile enough to handle just about any situation you can throw at it.

Washed Khakis

British Tan is a nice choice for these “washed” khakis—dubbed so because of their unique texture and finished look—but you’ll also notice that there’s something a little more rugged about this option. That makes it more appropriate to wear outdoors, even if it’s perfectly welcome in the board room. You can pair these khakis with a range of layers and outdoor wear to enjoy your time outside, which makes it perfect for weddings, outdoor receptions, and, well, just about anything else under the sun.

Cotton Tencel Khakis

If you’re a little bit more fashion-forward and want a different texture than the traditional 100% cotton khakis, reduce the cotton to about 55% and let tencel do the rest. These khakis are bright, colorful, vibrant, and give off a slightly dressy look while still remaining perfectly appropriate for a windy day at the beach. And they’re different enough that you’ll never give off a “that guy only wears khakis!” vibe.

Charleston Brick

Charleston might just be the world capital for stylish khakis, and items like these Charleston Brick khakis demonstrate why. There’s something classically southern about them, whether that’s the genteel-yet-interesting color or the construction of the pants itself. Either way, this is an essential for your wardrobe if you want khakis that don’t remind people of any other khakis they’re used to seeing. You won’t only win points for being appropriately-dressed; you’ll win points for being dressed better than anyone in the room. Not that you’re aiming for that, of course.

For a complete look at all of the essential khakis for 2016, check out the different breeds of Charleston Khakis you’ll see at Berle, ranging from flat front to pleated and even khaki shorts for summer!